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Shruthi XT troubleshooting advice
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Author Shruthi XT troubleshooting advice
Blake Smith
Hi there,

I’ve recently put together a Shruthi XT with a 4pm filter board, but is exhibiting strange behaviour. Specifically the unit boots up but the parameter value along the bottom of the screen constantly changes rapidly. The push buttons do toggle through different screens. If anyone has any ideas of what would be a good place to start troubleshooting I’d appreciate it.

Have you set the correct filter type in the menu?
You have to push and hold the encoder while powering it up.
Then switch to the XT firmware.
Otherwise it boots on the classic Shruthi firmware by default.
And it behaves as you described.
Once you have selected the correct firmware it will remember it and you won't need to do it again.
Blake Smith
I tried the rebooting with the encoder depressed, but it wasn't responsive. It turned out one of the encoder solder joints was bad. Once I fixed that I was able to switch to XT firmware successfully and the unit seems to work normally now.

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