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Check it out: 120v AC to +/- 12v & +5v DC adapter for DI
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Author Check it out: 120v AC to +/- 12v & +5v DC adapter for DI
Just wanted to let ya'll know about this:

120v AC to Bipolar 12v & +5v DC adapter

Posting the description and pin-out for posterity, as the page will probably disappear once sold out:

This is a 120VAC adapter that plugs into a standard wall outlet and puts out 3 different voltages: +5VDC @ 860mA, +12VDC @ 300mA and -12VDC @ 300mA. Has 3 prongs (for use with a grounded receptacle) and a 5 foot long hanked cord with a 5 Pin DIN Plug for DC Output. Pin-out is as follows: Pin 1=common, Pin 2=N/C, Pin 3=V1 (+5VDC), Pin 4=V2 (+12VDC), Pin 5=V3 (-12VDC). Adapter body is approximately 4.4" x 3.1" x 2.3". Model WM113-1 by ELPAC. New Old Stock.

Looks like it could be a decent option for DIY PSU. No idea what the power quality is. I'm assuming it's a switching supply. The 12v rails are only good for 300mA each, so it's probably only suitable for smaller cases or a bench testing rig, but I figure it may be just what some of us are looking for.

Hope someone finds it useful!
It's all linear, I've used those in the past. Decent for the price, those retailed for 3 times that.
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