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Interest in Highly Liquid's MIDI CPU?
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Author Interest in Highly Liquid's MIDI CPU?
After doing a small run of Highly Liquid's UMR2 I was wondering if anyone would be interested for assembled boards/pcbs of the MIDi CPU.

Price should be around $10/u (same as the UMR2). I will get a quote if enough people are interested.


Build your own MIDI controller. Add your own switches, knobs, or sensors. The MIDI CPU generates any kind of MIDI output.

Documentation: e-Ver-1-4.pdf

Usage examples: -hardware/

I'm going to be using it to create controllers for some of my rack mounted gear and some MIDI control modules. Its seems like a great tool for MIDI prototyping.
The Real MC
I installed a MIDI CPU in my Moog T2 bass pedals and they work great. Would like to find a couple more. Very neat product.
As with the UMR2 (thanks for that project, the boards arrived very quickly), I'd definitely be interested. I've been doing MIDI prototyping with general purpose MCU proto boards and while that works just fine, wouldn't mind these to be able to whip out something very quickly

I'd be in for at least 3x of these (edit: 4x please), if the PCB pricing and European shipping stays the same as UMR2.
sure, two for me
Dan Lavin
I'd be up for one
Count me in for 5!
I’m in for a couple
Great, I'm going to get a quote from my manufacturer and will keep on taking orders.

I might do a smaller run but would like to keep it under $10/unit.
Definitely 2 for me, please!
2 for me please. thanks
The more MIDI controllers, the better, I say! I'd be in for 2.
(just hope I can figure out the software part)
This is fun!
I just checked with the factory and price is around $12 per unit for 50. I'm getting another quote for 100 to see if I can get it below $10/u.

flts - 4
Starspawn - 2
Dan Lavin - 2
diophantine - 5
miguel503 - 2
ArboriaAuralist - 2
Houtson - 2
grenert - 2

Total: 21
Dan Lavin
you may want to contact Modular Addict and/or SynthCube and see if they want to carry any. I suppose you could also list any extras on Tindie.
I might contact them, especially for the bare pcbs.

Got a quote and it looks like we are good for $10/unit.

I will have production start next week, the boards should be ready to ship in under a month (including delays related to the Chinese new year).
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