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Matched 1% caps-when is matching used?
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Author Matched 1% caps-when is matching used?
I was looking at yusynth Steiner vcf parts list and it asks for matched 1nf5 polyester caps 1%.

I've not seen mention of much matching of caps wondered if this was more common than I thought, and instances of use.
I'm guessing you might need an accurate RC circuit and you don't have much choice of resistor?

Just curious..I did not get asked to match when building Oakley vcfs but Ididn't build a Steiner maybe peculiar to these.

capacitors in a Moog ladder VCF also need to be matched, or at least, they should, it'll work without matching unless you use something really shitty.

Also, the serge resonant equalizer, although it is subject to taste.

So yeah, accurate RC circuit, resistors are usually 1% (I do not use 5% carbon resistors), but capacitors usually have much larger tolerances (+/-10%).
dot matrix madness
Also the YUSynth Arp4072 Filter comes to mind, where the caps are matched. Due to the 470pF values, however, also Styroflex caps can be used, which have lower tolerances (at least compared to cheap disc counterparts).
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