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fs: Bargain metal
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Author fs: Bargain metal
I dont even know why i have half this stuff, so, if you can use it for somthing, great!

Dimensions shown in mm in the photos. Number in the circle is how many i have of them (aprox)

Dimensions are rounded to the nearest mm.

Most of these have the protective coating still on them, but dont assume theyre prime metal, as theyve just been in a box here for years. All is anodised, apart from the stuff marked "raw".

Pricing? Who knows! Shall we say a couple of quid per part for the first 5, 1.50 for the next, and then a quid there after?


1 part = 2
5 parts = 10
10 parts = 17.50
20 parts = 27.50
30 parts = 37.50

etc. (i think thats right anyhow!)

Really this is because i want someone to use them, more than i want to retire to the tropics. Pricing is to cover my bother conducting the transaction more than for the metal! If noone wants them, they will go in the scrap bin here, and i wont loose any sleep over it : )

Postage? I dont know - at cost. As guidence, a couple of kilos next door is about a fiver. To australia is about £20. Ill only know the exact weight once packed, so please use the above as guidence, and dont ask me before youre committed, as i wont know.

Payment by f&f with any fees pre-paid. Im in the UK, but i dont care where you are, so long as youre ok with the shipping! : )
ps. the density of aluminium is 2,700 kg/m3

i know this is an alloy, but if you take it at 2.7g per cm3, and add a bit for packing, you could even work out your own shipping using : )
223 x 89mm & 222x44mm are going to be MOTM sized blanks

2U x 5U and 1U x 5U

I'd take a few, but I don't really need 'em
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