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Voltage clamping not working
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Author Voltage clamping not working
the past hours had me pulling my hair...
that voltage clamping circuit from the doepfer diy page which i already built successfully few days ago cannot be built anymore. no matter what i do, the clamping seems odd. i want to clamp between 0 and 5 volt and when i apply 12 volt i get 6 to 7 volts at the output, as well as the +5v rail from my powersupply measures those 6 to 7 volts than, too.

with nothing connected i measure +5 and +12 volts at the psu, so this seems ok.

i quadruple checked all connections and parts, soldered it and built it on breadboard multiple times and rechecked the older already working clamping circuit (still works nicely). but everything i built today doesn't work.

i measured the diodes which behave exactly like the ones in the working circuit.

has anybody an idea what deamonic forces could cause this issues??
If a 12V signal is applied, diode to the positive supply will conduct and dump current into the +5V supply. The problem with a regular power supply is that it can only source current but can not sink it. So if you inject current into the psu output, the voltage will rise unless you have a load that consumes more current than you inject. With more loads on the +5V supply, I would expect it to work correctly.
ah, so awesome grin

so, as long as it is only the clamping circuit, it doesnt work, but simply adding a led to the 5v rail makes it work. soo much to learn.

thank you
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