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Radio Music: question about 3.3v [SOLVED]
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Author Radio Music: question about 3.3v [SOLVED]
I was going back in a discussion with a friend to a PCB I made with some mods for my Radio Music and while looking at the schematics I see something that I did not before, that get me now confused (again!) and I need to be sure.
What is producing the +3.3v needed for limiting and for the Teensy?
This morning I can't see anymore how it's done neither on the original schematics nor on mine!

The more I work on circuits (learning I should say) the more questions arise.

This 3.3v on the Teensy must be then an output (+5v transformed to +3.3v), not an input like I thought until today***!

EDIT: confused because I thought it was an input but it looks like I was misinterpreting this from day 1! wrote:
Converting To 3.3 Volts
Teensy 2.0 and Teensy++ have a place to solder a 3.3 volt regulator to convert the Teensy to run at 3.3 volts."
Yeah, it's obvious. It's an output d'oh!

I found the schematics of Teensy 3.2 and there's a LP38691 making these 3.3v.

Question solved w00t
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