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Advice on altering a Live modular rig for techno performance
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Author Advice on altering a Live modular rig for techno performance
Hi! I've recently switched over from DJing to taking live techno gigs built around my modular. Rig here for reference:

It's a duo act. I run:
-Manis Iteritas driven by Noise Eng Repetitors then filtered and sub-mixed filter outputs
-Noise Eng BIA driven by note info on a Beatstep pro
-Tonestar 2600 driven by note info on a Beatstep pro
-bass/melodies on an Analog 4

my duo partner then handles 909 drums, an SH-101, and 3 voices of a Nord Rack.

In the last performance, the Manis Iteritas and BIA killed and I was able to vary those effectively via a ton of modulation created mostly with VCAs and some randomness built it. However, I am no longer feeling that the Tonestar component adds a ton to the performance, and I want to replace that with a more rhythmic synth.

So question - are there any other modules out there similar to the Manis Iteritas, but less gritty? My goal is I'd submix combination of Numeric repetitor voltages so I can constantly vary the rhythm, and feed this new hypothetical 'rhythmic synth module' and of course filter it after.

I don't want to have to craft melodies for it on another sequencer, as it's too much to manage Live with everything else and the Analog 4. Would be cool if it had a different timbral signature than the Manis Iteritas. Was thinking maybe the Rings could work? But looking to demo a bunch of options. thanks!
You should definitely check out the following :
Akemie's Taiko (or castle, but that's overkill I think)
Mutant Machine
Rings (I love this module but haven't been able to get it to work ina percussive way that I like for techno patches, it always ends up being more if a lead or bass voice)
Loquelic Iteritas/Loquelic Iteritas Perdido
Future Retro Transient

These are all modules that I think can be great percussive voices in their own which can end up being almost entire organic kits with the right modulation.
There's also some really great more dedicated modules, like SSF Entity Bass and Percussion synths, the Audio Damage BoomTschack, or the Hexinverter Mutant Series, but those all are more for crafting a specific type of drum sound and don't have quite as wide a range as the above.

Also of note are the WMD Chimera and Fracture, which are somewhere between the two categories. They have way more range and lots of really surprising sounds, really come alive with lots of modulation, but aren't as all encompassing as say BIA can be.

Finally, looking at your rack, I think you'd really benefit from a heavy duty multimodulation source for gates, LFOs, envelopes, sequences that can easily be synced like Ornament and Crime or Pamela's New Workout.
Thanks so much Sunden! I'm looking into all of this now - really helpful advice. I completely agree with the need for multimodulation source - I've been prepping for a solo live show this week and finding myself missing something like this. Appreciate it!
indifference point
don't forget dfam which is a techno beast and would work great in that second BSP slot to replace tonestar
seconding plaits, akemies, and dfam
Another vote for ALM Akemie's. Espacially the Castle would be absolutely amazing in your setup.
Or you could consider a sample playback module like The One from tip-top or 4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler
yeah, good point, TG One is another option which already has tons of good industrial/techno sample.

The Future Retro Transient Plus also has an SD card slot on the front for easy loading, lets you have two samples active at once, all sorts of interesting modulation options etc, and also comes fully loaded with a few hundred drum samples.

Also, Disting Mk4 is very capable for sample playback!
- Tip Top One/TG One is great is you feel the need for samples
- SSF Entity Percussion does some cool toms / basslines and other misc percussions.
- DFAM is a monster for anything percussive: incredible kicks, toms, noise etc... but also sounds superb as a complex oscillator. I love the simple but clever sequencer.
- Pamela's New Workout definitely, especially for live performance, you can prepare everything in advance and it saves and syncs perfectly. Can also be the master clock for the entire rig with the midi expander (very steady). Maybe combining it with a mute switch like Muta Jovis (useful with the Repetitors as well) to add some more immediacy. Also an inverter/offset might be useful with it since it's only unipolar.
- Chimera / Fracture are really great but they are more geared towards metallic / strange claps percussion. They are complete voices and quite versatile in their domain though. Doesn't replace standard Hi-hat for techno, but great complement.
- Loquelic Iteritas is incredible but it's not a voice on it's own, you'd need to upgrade to the Percido. I don't have the latter (although I'm considering it) but Loquelic is incredible. Much, much better even than Manis and BIA (to me) : more versatile, more sweet spots and not that much overlap either.
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