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Mackie subgroup outs
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Author Mackie subgroup outs
Hi. I've got a Mackie ProFX16 v2 and would like to use those subgroup outs as aux sends, but the signal is no good. I don't understand what's going on. If I press the L/F subgroup buttons, anything routed to a subgroup sounds fine. But if I plug a cable from the dedicated subgroup out, back to an open channel, it sounds terrible, like the signal is degraded. Happens on all 4 outputs (1/2 and 3/4). Does anyone know if perhaps my mixer faulty, or is this by design? Since this occurs on all subgroup outputs, I figured it's by design.

Edit: messing with this a little bit more, just wanted to make sure I tried both balanced and unbalanced cables. I get the same result out of Sub 3 or 4, into Channel 2 with gain all the way down (all the way down is Unity on this channel).

Then I tried inputting to one of the the stereo channels to see if any difference. With gain at center (which equals unity on this channel), it sounds as expected. So it seems like quite a bit of gain is needed on a mono channel, but not on a stereo channel. Now I'm more confused. I've read the manual but still don't get it, but if it's just a matter of gain then I guess I can compensate. Seems weird though.
I had a Mackie 16 VLZ for 17 years, purchased in Florida where it's very humid. At some point the channels stopped working, one by one, by that time I was using mostly soft synths and didn't need 16 channels. Before completely cutting out, some of the channels were lower volume and dull sounding. Taking the connector ribbons and unplugging/replugging them helped for a while then it stopped. I guess the quality really started going down when production moved to Mexico
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