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Complete ADDAC systems?
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Author Complete ADDAC systems?
Howdy all.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with complete addac systems?
I'm thinking of moving away from my random source euro serge system to addac so I'm interested to see if anyone runs a "addac only" system and what modules they find essential in such a setup.

Given that the oscillator module appears to be discontinued this might be difficult.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

I find that ADDAC is one of the brand with the best range of very different modules to make complete systems.

You have :
- a VCO (701 but you are right, discontinued)
- samplers (ADDAC 101 serie)
- one of the best quantizer in eurorack (ADDAC207),
- CVs and random generators (ADDAC500)
- filters (fixed filter bank, ADDAC703 and 705)
- lot of mixers (small like 801 802 and huge with 807...)
- clock and rythms generators (402, 403)
- switches (206 and 214)
- interface with MIDI (221, 222)
- lot of small utilities (multiples, amplifiers, comparators, ...)
- interface with pedals and more (nchunk, your muscles, ....)
- interactive modules (304 and 305)
- sound transformation (with EHX collaborations)
- and in few days quad enveloppe generator.

So to conclude, yes I think is really easy to make a full ADDAC system, the difficult point I think is the sound generator (other than samples) because you only have one VCO, very rare. You can make sounds with filters, but no so stable and complex, I think...
Hope we can find some other VCOs made by ADDAC in the future.
The other missing component is an addac sequencer per say. The addac701 oscillator hasn't been officially discontinued, just given a very low priority (as in not taking orders) as a result of new projects and the time is takes to build/test 701s. They do pop-up 2nd hand, but you might be waiting a long time.

Aside from a dedicated sequencer and clock module....I'd go with:

addac case
200a current ammeter
200b buffered multiples
200pi pedal integrator
209 time compensated glide
214 rotator
304 gates
305 latches
402 rhythm generator
501 complex random w/expansion
503 marble physics
504 probabilistic
506 stochastic function w/expander
701 oscillators (locate 2nd hand)
702 filter
705 filter
802 vca mixing
807 mixer w/expander
812a audio meter
812v voltage meter
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