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More than one Max MIDI device in track does not output MIDI?
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Author More than one Max MIDI device in track does not output MIDI?
I'm pulling my hair out with Ableton again. Chains of bullshit!

I want to set up control knobs for a synth on my Push 2 using those M4L devices that give you 8 virtual knobs to send out CC messages. I want more than 8 knobs and they all need to be mapped to Macro controls so that I can see the controls I want on the Push instead of vewing the M4L devices themselves which contain other controls that just clutter the Push display.

The problem is if I add more than one of those devices in a track the second one does not work, ie the MIDI output from it does no go out.
I tried MIDI effects racks, instrument racks and chaining but cannot get it to work.

The only way I can think of is to forget about Ableton's schmacros and instead of using multiple max devices, edit one Max device and copy paste the existing knobs to add more of them... But, hiding all the other controls of the device (CC choosers , CC learners and more) from the Push display without disabling their functionality seems to require advanced knowlede of Max which is beyond my mental capacity....

Any clues?
I'm unable to help, unfortunately, but there is a cc device for 16 knobs instead of 8

hope you get your problems sorted out!
Thanks, but what typically happens with such devices is that those controls for selecting what MIDI CC to send also appear on the Push, creating clutter- especially when they appear on the first page.

I wonder If it's possible to have two sets of Macro knobs to control those 16 knobs. then I can select the two Ableton rack devices on the Push to access the two banks of 8 controls without any other stuff getting in the way.
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