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Looking for a builder? Post here!
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Author Looking for a builder? Post here!
In response to the glut of people posting looking for builders in the Builders For Hire thread, it was suggested that perhaps a corollary thread was needed. So, if you are looking to get something built, post here! (and not in that thread anymore please) It's probably a good idea is to indicate your location.
I'm not affraid building a module, but not equipped for smd soldering. More my eyes are no longer able to work on such minuscule stuff...
The short story I need an ornament and crime 8hp version, aluminium panel...
Anyone ?

It's ok I found a builder.
I'm interested in working with some talented circuit designers to develop some concept ideas into prototypes.

As a product designer and modular enthusiast I have lots of concept ideas I would like to develop and am looking to work with someone who has good knowledge of circuit design.

I have delved into DIY and have built a couple of modules but my understanding of circuits is only rudimentary so would like to work in partnership with someone who can help me develop my skills and in return share ideas for concept and interface design. I am interested in both analogue and digital projects.

I have learnt Altium designer and had boards developed for a first project.

Would be very interested to hear from anyone who would like to work with me as a fun tryout project to develop a module, and with a view to develop something commercially later. I am based in UK.
Looking for someone who can build me a simple break out module for my Pro-2. Basically just want to get all the back panel connections on the Pro2 in my euro case.
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