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Using a COTK CP8 in a 4 Voice Polyphonic System
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Author Using a COTK CP8 in a 4 Voice Polyphonic System
Has anyone used this module?

I’m making a 4-Voice polyphonic modular system based around 2 Sets of NOS JH Living VCO PCB sets built into one 8MU panel, 4 STG Sea Devil’s Filters, and 4 STG Envelope Generators, using COTK’s Polyphonic Midi Translator as my CV/Gate hub. I also was looking at either the CP2 or CP8 modules that COTk offers because of their ability to beef up single osc poly patches. Does anyone have experience with either of these modules, or do they have any ideas on other modules that I may be missing for an absolutely *BARE-BONES* polyphonic patch in my current system setup.

I was also thinking about using the 2 spare oscillators to stack them as either sub oscs, or in slight detune with the oscillators used for voices 1/3 respectively.

Any input would
be appreciated.
Sounds like a cool system! thumbs up

I've never used the COTK CP2 or CP8 but they look like a good space and money savings option over getting separate modules too do similar things? (I'm guessing . . . . like Happy Nerding FM Aids and Super Sawtors, STG Wave Folders, Corsynth divider/multipliers, etc)

Two of the Corsynth C103 MkII Divider/Multiplier modules might be pretty sweet for your system?

All that said, one thing I do often in my system, when either doing a big mono voice with one or more VCOs or when doing up to a 4 voice poly patch is to use pulse waves with LFOs for PWM so, in your case I'd want to have a quad LFO, like the Moon or SSL one or you could DIY a panel for the MOTM-380?
or a CGS-001 Sub osc.. has the same multiplter/divider options.
and for 4 voice polyphony the CV.OCD does it for a budget amount if being external is ok... dealing with COTK can be a long drawn out tricky thing.
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