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Part footprint question
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Author Part footprint question
I'm working on a PCB (rather new to all this) and one question that comes to mind is how to deal with all the various possible dimensions of the electronic components. I'm using mostly THD parts.

The various capacitors parts in my libraries are close to the dimensions of my personal stock of capacitors, but not exactly the same size.

Should I not worry about that for THD components? I'm assuming one can always bend the wires to accommodate the drill holes, if they are close to correct.
for resistor and capacitors it doesnt matter too much, as long as the holes are big enough for the legs to go through. if its your first pcb, probably best to get something out the door and then figure out what you like/dont like about it. the next one you design you can tweak a bit more.
Thanks for the reply and reassurance.
I agree.

Also, after you give it a try, you can start standardizing your parts, brands, etc. and can get them more closely matching your PCBs, footprints, etc.

For example, I use the same brand (TDK C0G MLCC) capacitors for all general purpose capacitors on my TH boards. These have a 2.5mm lead spacing, so I can use the same footprint across all my boards.

I use the same film cap dimensions (5mm lead spacing) for all film cap needs.

I use two footprints for resistors depending on how tightly I need to pack them into a board.

You get used to all of this after a while, and you can start ordering parts stock to fit what works on your PCBs.

A little bit of lead bending generally isn't a problem. Just be careful.
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