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noob trouble understanding noise toaster schematic
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Author noob trouble understanding noise toaster schematic
Hi all. I'm a beginner to electronics and I'm looking at Ray Wilson's Noise Toaster schematic as a learning exercise. I'm stuck on this Q10 here. It seems like it's suppose to discharge the timing capacitor but when I simulate the circuit Q10 never actually turns on thus the capacitor only discharges through R57 and R61. I must be making a mistake somewhere. I'm also not sure how to approach the analysis myself with the transistor biased in this way. Thanks for your help.

I will be very interested if someone can explain this because I have always thought this part of the circuit didn't work as intended too.

It seems to me that to turn the transistor on you'd need to create a 0.6V drop between X22 and the junction of R61 and R62. That would require 30V across R61 which is not going to happen.

I just turned on my noise toaster for the first time in a very long while to investigate and it does seem that the fastest possible release is slower in manual mode than in repeat mode, which would make sense if the cap is discharging through R61 rather than the transistor.
This looks strange, indeed. I think the circuit would work if R57 is replaced with a diode with the anode to X21 and the cathode to X22. This way X22 could still be pulled high when the manual gate is on but the base of Q10 would be pulled all the way down to the negative supply by R61 when the manual gate is off and pull X22 down with it.
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