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4U / LW Digisound 3340 VCO
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Author 4U / LW Digisound 3340 VCO
Something else I've had kicking around for a bit, an adaption of the digisound 3340 VCO. Trying to get it redrawn for LW/4U format

SMT single board module like the other things I've been working on.

One question it would be nice to answer before I order the first boards:

Who would rather more sync jacks rather than dual v/oct? The way it is right now you can choose between Hard+ Hard- and soft sync... just wire the one you want to the single sync jack.

Changes from original:
All inputs/outputs will have opamp buffers and there are attenuverting inputs for FM, both linear and exponential.
Looks good. IMO, it makes more sense to have a switch for hard/soft sync than a 2nd 1v/oct input.
I built a pair of Digisound clones, and I think the sync facilities make this a superb VCO over many of the other classic designs
sounds like we're in favor of having more sync options broken out .... I'll swap the second V/OCT out to add a soft sync jack and add a mini toggle switch to swap between +/- hard sync
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