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Roland CSQ-600 - Stuck in mode
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Author Roland CSQ-600 - Stuck in mode
Sunshine Jones

Has anyone here ever gotten under the panel of a Roland CSQ-600?
I swear I had it working for a moment, and then I lifted up the circuit board to put it together for testing and it was gone again...

Upon inspection, the sequencer was stuck in load mode: metronome always playing.

I opened and inspected to find some serious corrosion from a bad, and now missing battery. Lovingly restored all the traces, and they DMM out as great contacts now, no blurred lines.

After doing this, the sequencer was then stuck in play mode.
Beeps when pressing load, but the loading doesn't happen, and the metronome never sounds.
So I replaced all of the latch related IC's - load latch, play latch, start/stop latch (mostly 4013's)

The change now is that with the corresponding levers for the 4 tracks engaged, the sequencer will switch between 1,2,3 and 4, but the clock never actually engages and it won't get out of play mode to load anything.

I'm reading the service notes and find them befuddling. Lots of explanation, but somehow it doesn't make things clear. It's as if they really struck gold here and invented something the hard way and so it doesn't make a lot of sense to my novice eyes.

I'm going to proceed and replace IC 124 (counter) IC 130 (the differential) and IC126 (the Schmitt NAND logic) but it's weird not being able to see what the thing ought to look like on a scope, or really fully understand what it actually happening here.

If anyone has revived a CSQ I'd love to talk with you about it.
Sunshine Jones
Just for fun, here is a before and after of the trace repair

At discovery

After cleaning and scratching

After repair and testing

it looks a little bit like these weren't attached before and now are? I'm not familiar with the machine, maybe it's supposed to be connected.
Sunshine Jones
dksynth wrote:

it looks a little bit like these weren't attached before and now are? I'm not familiar with the machine, maybe it's supposed to be connected.

These are all traces which have been replaced with decent grade bus wire. The traces were eaten apart by battery acid. I cleaned it, and replaced the broken copper with good wire.

I see the points in question you've circled, and they are connected on the top of the board by a jumper. So I bus wired into the far side, and fed it back through. So it's connected as it was before, only the bus wire IS the jumper now. It's electrically the same.

This part of the board is solid. Meters out. All good connections, and correct voltages with no crossed wires.
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