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FSFX 108: Ornament & Crime
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Author FSFX 108: Ornament & Crime
Another popular eurorack module now in 5U format, this time by FreeState FX. thumbs up  /108

It's a quantizer, ASR, LFO, sequencer, envelope generator and more.

Here's a YouTube playlist of 17 demos for the eurorack version: EHWs8CzAXnvec
...all this shit is kicking my bank balance right in the bollocks.. repeatedly. very frustrating help Never maintain cash savings again ambulance

WTF Osc - B.I.M - o__C - forthcoming System X Osc - VoIp Vocoder - etc etc
Very cool to see.
I have 3 of these in euro form. I definitely recommend checking it out.
It looks like a nice port-over as well. I believe these were originally offered as a 2U module earlier?
been waiting this Rockin' Banana! Rockin' Banana! and it is 1U
Super versatile module can do so many things (ASR,Euclidian-Rythms, sequencing, ...)
But if you do not like menus/submenus do not buy it.
I am wondering how this compares to the Ardcore modules, which I have.
What programs or presets would make this a must-have?
If there is a thread in the Euro sub forum on this comparison, maybe someone could point me to that...or reply here.
And yes I have heard of Google thanks Mr. Green in case you wanted to tell me about the wonderful world of browsers.
Edit: I have just given the manual a quick glance, and Wow! woah
Ockeghem wrote:
If there is a thread in the Euro sub forum
Just in case anyone wants more info there is an 80 page thread here: eek!
Thanks John!
You enabler you! Mr. Green
For now I will play my own musical ornaments in the context of my own musical "crimes" but...something to think about. I can foresee adding this at some point.
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