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Pasco Scientific 9307 Fourier Synthesizer
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Author Pasco Scientific 9307 Fourier Synthesizer
I impulsively bought a Pasco Scientific 9307 Fourier Synthesizer. It is a vintage "lab" synthesizer which I think was intended for classrooms. Luckily it works.

I am not overburdened with electronics knowledge (noob), but I found a manual on line and I'd like to try the "experiments" described in the manual. These experiments require an oscilloscope. Is there anyone that would be that could make recommendations for an appropriate for this use?

I'll upload a picture and the manual too.

wow, this thing is bizarre. i've worked on some fourier additive experiments. you should be able to produce a saw wave by staircasing the harmonic amplitudes. remove the even harmonics, and you are left w/ odd. this should sound like a square wave. follow the manual for other "proof" wavetypes

the jacks appear to be specifically made for probes, rather than as a musical instrument. i can't offer much advice for this oddity besides hopefully using a legit oscilloscope. i have an ongoing interest in fourier additive musically. some of the possibilities sound alike a DX7 or physical modelling

Hi alexa,

Thanks for the harmonics idea, I'll try that. Seems like I need to do more research, this is all new to me.

Yes, the jacks are for only banana plugs. I bought set of leads and a little 8 ohm speaker just to see if it worked.

Musically, it makes me think of Eliane Radigue.

whats kinda cool, is to mess around with the phases, and see how little they matter to the perception of sound. you can get a waveform that looks like gobledy gook, and still sounds like a sawtooth. heres a web tool for messing around with fourier series (although not as much fun as your awesome metal box with knobs):
Wow what an oddball! Have fun! BTW, you can get a great cheap Scope on Amazon from Rigol. <$300 will get you a dual trace one that will do just fine.

And btw, guest, thanks for sharing that app link. That is fun to play with!! Very interesting when you slide the terms from high to low on a sq wave it sounds like you are discretely jumping a cutoff of a filter.
haha, yes guest, I did notice that the phases did almost nothing - but I thought I was doing it wrong! And I agree with devinw1, that app is great.

devinw1 - thanks for the oscilloscope recommendation. That gives me something to shoot for.

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