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yes, being able modulate a sample's loop size and start point with CV control is awesome.

I've also enjoyed putting 8 (or any number!) separate chords in a particular order on 1 card, putting it in the wav player and cycling through the files one after the other with each new gate signal from a sequencer

you can then have different cards for different songs ready to go for performances!

thanks andre!
Crash Test Specialist
Please forgive my post in the Eurorack section of the site - I didn't realise we had specific manufacturer forums (last time I use my forking phone to browse Muffs). very frustrating

Looks like an interesting module. I might be up for one when I get my second case. Looks like a lot of fun - thanks for the demos.

It's also very bling! applause
Votek_Mendo wrote:
Can we hear some demo please?

Here's one that's a bit different than the others, in that it utilizes the ADDAC WAV player to make dark ambient "bowels of hell" type effects.

This demo is made from the audio from a certain unmentioned song that's currently a popular "worst song ever" meme. The song was processed it through Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch, and then split into 30 1 minute parts. Sampling rate was manually manipulated, other stuff was sequenced via a Z8000 (that I also was manipulating some). The sound was filtered (Doepfer A-107) and went through a deep reverb (Lexicon MPX-1).

Just goes to show that loops aren't the only thing this device is capable of. zombie
two days ago arrived My .Wav..
I love This module... we're not worthy
Post My Video.. Sorry for bad Quality...

11ish wrote:
Received mine, too. Here's a little demo i made:

applause thumbs up

Holy shit! you awesome madman. Why did I not see this before? I have now realised that I want this module. MY ASS IS BLEEDING

Thanks to others who have provided demos as well.
I'm toying with the idea of getting the wav player. I never use a computer in my music, but need to check out how easy it is to prepare the wav files. What program do you people use to turn the stereo 44/48khz files into 22khz mono files? help
Audacity is free and cross platform -
mckenic wrote:
Audacity is free and cross platform -

Thanks, that's the job, I think I'm nearly ready to bite. hyper
I'd love to hear/see some more examples of what people are doing with this module. I've watched & listened to all the official ones, and the ones I can find here and on Youtube, and I'm largely impressed.

I know what I want to do with it, but am still a little hesitant with regards to non-zero-crossing clicks and whatnot.

Sell me smile
A couple more questions. I am 98% sold on this one wink
I'm talking about the v2 ones currently being sold by AH.

1) Can the currently playing sample be retriggered from it's start point via a gate/trig?
2) Is reverse playback supported? Is it under CV control?

Thanks again,
I've been having some problems with my .wav player. I have to hit the reset button alot.

Anybody else experiencing this?
I find it crashes on some wavs more than others. Haven't discovered why, it's just a little flaky seriously, i just don't get it
Mine seems to be related to the card reader.

I've been trying to get ahold of Addac but they only respond to some of my emails. Spam Filter? screaming goo yo
I'm really considering one of these modules. Has anyone run into issues converting the .wavs in a Mac based environment? I imagine it wouldn't matter as long as the .wavs are formatted correctly.
No problem with Macs, i'm a mac user myself.
all the very best
crystal hell pool
my .wav player freaks out on certain files sometimes, sometimes i have to keep skipping or reset to get it to play them.
I had the same thing happening to some files for some strange reason. When I reformatted the SD card, and copied the files back again, it was all fine. seriously, i just don't get it

Maybe it has to do with the fact that SD cards are not really meant to use in real time, I don't know.
Yeah... I played a show relying on the wav player heavily and I thought I was going to have to cancel... I love using it, but I don't think it will be reliable enough for live...
bliss000 wrote:
How about basic wavetable stuff?!?

Is the looping capable of any of this hmmm.....

If it is, I will take two This is fun!
crystal hell pool
Got some more sd cards. Formatting on the digital camera was lame as it left some kind of driver file, doing it with a pc was fine. Pretty sure its playing all the files, kinda hard to tell. I am using a cheap ass san disk card i got at walgreens and i have no problems. I do have odd behavoir when i switch between cv and manual control. Glitches out sometimes and i have to flip the switches. Dont think i would make it the cornerstone of my live setup at this time, sure is fun tho
Anyone want to format a .wav player file naming script? It'd sure save some time!
anyone want to help me? useds the cleaner app. It just seems to eject the card. used audacity, made 3 wavs titled a.wav, b.wav, etc. 16 bit mono 22mhz ...still get an error light.
Homie, did you make sure file "b.wav" is bellow 500kb? Otherwise my PC ass ain't too sure other than you might have a bunk card. I've trialed softwares to format the .wav's and still had en error light. Try a different software perhaps? I like dBpoweramp Batch converter.
Thanks, I figured it out. The cleaner software was just unintuitive. I thought you cleaned the card once after format and that was it. I didn't realize every time you load something you use it to clean off whatever mysterious files and then you remove the card. There's no animation or prompting. You just drop it on and it ejects it.
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