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Hey there,

I just got a .WAV Player and everything work EXCEPT the envelope follower. I emailed Andre a couple of times, but have not received any response.
When I power on the module, the red LED in the envelope follower section lights up bright and remains lit. The CV-out jack, puts out a constant high voltage that does not vary with the amplitude of audio signal (constant signal even if not playing any samples). All of the other functions on the module work fine, and for the other sections, the LED brightness' change relative to the voltage level.
I *REALLY* want to get the envelope follower working correctly, and I am hoping someone here has some insight for things I can try. I am mostly ignorant about arduino stuff, and as such my troubleshooting efforts have focused on double-checking connections trying different settings, different SD cards and other banal/stupid things.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance. And Cheers.
Drumasaurusrex, i've just Pm'd you regarding the issue!
Hi, I hope this is an ok place to ask. I got a used .WAV player recently and it's a version 1 (excuse me, v. 001). What exactly are the differences between it and v.2? Thanks!
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