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Pam's new workout vs Marbles, Plaits vs BIA...
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Author Pam's new workout vs Marbles, Plaits vs BIA...
Hi all,

I currently already have an Intellijel Atlantis, Befaco Crush Delay and Clouds in my rack. I'm looking to add some modules to work towards a generative ambient machine, including some kind of percussion. Currently I'm looking at a sequencer that is good at random stuff and at an extra voice.

I'm currently considering Pam's New Workout and MI Marbles for the former and MI Plaits and Basimilus Iteritas Alter for the latter.

These are my thoughts/trepidations so far:
A. Pam’s new workout and MI Marbles. Pam’s is more versatile than Marbles, but has no quantization and is slightly menu-divey. Marbles is exactly what I would want at first, one knob per function, but out of stock with most shops I would consider.
B. Plaits vs Basimilus Iteritas Alter. Plaits is much more versatile and the rings sounds really appeal to me. The demo’s I’ve seen of Basimilus with Pam also seem really nice.

Can you perhaps offer some input? It would be greatly appreciated smile
What are you currently sequencing/playing the antlantis with? and do you have any utilities modules? these will both affect what you should choose nxt
Utility-wise I only have an Intellijel Quadratt quad attenuverter. I'm sequencing the Atlantis through my Matrixbrute or Korg SQ-1, but both are very static. I can also sequence it from my Digitakt if I use the Matrix as midi to cv converter, but I've feel this is not really the way I want to make music.
I use PNW and Marbles, and they’ve become the heart of my system, I haven’t touched my Beatstep Pro in months. The PNW’s menu is very logical and easy to navigate (or at least I think it is).

I use this combo with Plaits, Braids, Warps, Rings, Erica Pico Drums and 2hp Hats.....never a dull moment love
I have marbles and i really like it - thinking of getting a 2hp hats - so I don't use Plaits for hats - goes very well with rings/tides/plaits/clouds

I'm using stages and maths for modulation as well as some self patching - via kinks waveshaper

definitely try to fit a kinks in there too - it's a great bang for buck module

haven't used pams so can't comment

as for the voice - if you want noisier go with the noise engineering, if you want cleaner/more versatile go with the mutable

if it was me I'd go marbles and plaits, but that's me and I have those modules already

then I'd recommend getting utilities (mixers. vcas, lpgs, attenuators, mults etc) for your next few modules

and you can rarely go wrong with either maths or disting
I have all the modules your talking about and have to say they are very, very different to each other.

PNW - master clock in my case. Rock solid, easy to navigate the menus (and I hate menus/ presets). Has 8 highly configurable outs versus 7 for Marbles. And is half the size. Only drawback in my opinion is that it doesn’t have bipolar outs.

Marbles - wonderful module, lots of fun. Only drawback is size, but this makes it great ergonomically.

Plaits - also an amazing module. Extremely versatile and super easy to navigate. I also like modulating the model which can give super insane stuff. A very wide range of sounds possible. No drawbacks at all. Everyone should have one.

BIA - can create verything from thunderous kicks to plinky glass sounds. Everything is under CV. Only drawback in my opinion is that it can sometimes sound a little digital.

I have two cases. One big studio one and one performance. Plaits, PNW and BIA are in my performance case (w/ Atlantis and UCkouds), and PNW and Marbles are in the studio (w/ supercell when it comes)
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