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IFM plus Landscape All Flesh
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Author IFM plus Landscape All Flesh
Just wow. Every input in the system responds to an All Flesh plug in interesting ways, and you can set up patches that respond to a waving a hand nearby theremin style, as well as direct touching. So far Mocante, Grassi, Sprott and Fourses are the real standouts but it is only day one, so I’m sure I’ll find fun patches for the other three IFM modules, too.
This is cool to hear! I just picked up a complete IFM system and have also noticed you can get great triggering just by hanging patch cables from inputs and then touching the other end. I keep meaning to do an experiment by hanging a bunch of short cables off the side and "playing" them.
I’ve also managed to use an All Flesh plug on the input for my headphone module and play the system with one finger on it.
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