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More boom boom (with a lot of CTL1) [VIDEOS]
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Author More boom boom (with a lot of CTL1) [VIDEOS]
I know… It’s a lot again… And a bit all the same to listen to while not doing it.

2 days ago I had fun playing the CTL1 - Touch Panel.
I started with the idea of making it playing 12 notes… I have a TKB, but well, I wanted to stick to the blue.
So I used the 2 joystick toggle buttons to switch between CTL1 rows (via UTL6B - Active Switches).
Ended up with some sort of BOOM BOOM techno (again).
The notes played on CTL1 come from a Radio Music. I enjoyed very much this sound sent to PRC3A - SV Filter (pressure to cutoff) and PT Delay.

I played 30 mins the same sequence hihi
I have moments like this sometimes…
Like in 99% of my videos I did not edit the audio, so the mix is quite rough.

The sound which jumps in at 2:00 sounds a bit weird on the boxes I used this morning to check the upload.
It’s a (kind of very "digital-sounding") sample on the Radio Music and by turning the pitch weird artifacts were occuring. I liked the effect. Not really fit into the mix, but I’m sharing moments with all these videos, not making an album Mr. Green


Then I played with different variations.



At the end I let it play alone!


If I was to play the CTL1 like this often, I’d place it back to the bottom row for better ergonomics!!!
Got cramps after only a few mins Dead Banana
Oh. And if this was not enough... I forgot this one w00t

CTL1 is then sequenced (my left arm and my fingers got tired!).

T. Jervell
Very nice batchas!! Now I want an CTL1 Even more cry
batchas wrote:
UTL6B - Active Switches


Seriously... I have been looking for ways to expand the range / usefulness of CTL1 and that guy is perfect! Somehow missed it in the BugArchive...
Looking for a UTL6B? Keep an eye out for Clock Utilities It's peanut butter jelly time!
Went back and had a fresh look at that (in the ClockBoc thread) and... yeah, gonna be ready when that comes around! This is fun!
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