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Bugbrand drum samples
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Author Bugbrand drum samples
I made some drum samples today using the Bugbrand modular, mainly x0x/Kraftwerk/electro inspired, sampled directly from the modular into my Akai MPC2000xl, no processing or other gear used - raw like sushi!

64 sounds in a zipfile, 16bit 44.1khz mono, ranging from kicks, snares, hats to some percussion stuff.

Don't put them in a commercial sample library, but feel free to use them in your music if you like them, I'd be interested to hear any tracks which use them. thumbs up

Hope you like them, here is the link if you want to download them:-
From you, Daren, I think these are going to be ace-in-extreme.

I love it when you guys share these things!
Cheers Tom, it was quite good fun making them hihi

I only have 1 envelope and no noise source so the snares were a bit of a hack but they remind me of the old 8bit snares.

If anyone wants rough patch descriptions for any of the sounds let me know, here is a basic demo pattern with a bit of delay and reverb:-
Thanks Daren, added to my sample library! w00t w00t
Daren , thanks so much - I was just thinking about needing a Bug snare type sound . I'm trying to do my first all Bug track and couldn't figure how to get a snare without a noise source . I'll be interested in hearing what you came up with and I'll try to integrate some of the sounds into the tune . Thanks again , Radams
You're welcome chaps thumbs up

Randy, the snares were mainly 2 Utility Oscillators Triangle waves FMing the bejesus out of eachother (so tri out to mixer, pulse out to FM input on eachother), tweak the frequency and FM amount, then I ran them into the SV filter on bandpass and tweaked the cutoff to remove some of the bottom end. You can also make handclaps like this, but using narrow pulse waves, to get a kind of impulse trail.
Just had a quick browse through - how did you you get the metallic edge on some of the hats - especially the ones with longer decays ? Thanks again -Radams
For the hats I used the weevil 3 outputs, and 1 utility oscillator set to squarewave, so in effect 4 detuned squarewaves going to the mixer, then from the mixer into the SV filter set to high pass with a bit of resonance.

You could probably do similar using just 2 squarewaves, at first I was using just the weevil and it sounded fine.

Oh, I used a homemade piezo transducer to trigger the envelope to facilitate easier triggering for sampling.
The old link expired so I have uploaded them here:-

Tom, if you want to put them on the homepage that would be fine by me.

If anyone else can host them thats fine too, I don't know how long the current link will last.

(I'll make some linkage sometime soonish)

Cheers mister!
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