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Oberheim voice cards repros?
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Author Oberheim voice cards repros?
Hello fellas! I've stumbled across an Oberheim OB-Mx without voice cards and by the way right now I'm not planning to pull the trigger as I know those voices are rare and hell-expensive. But we, united wigglers, HAVE BEEN THROUGH THIS: we have seen Junos, we've seen Ambikas, we've seen Matrix… we've seen it all, we've dealt with voice cards before: we can do it again!!

Can we?

I mean, I know the OB-Mx is based around the CEM 3374 and AFAIK there's no plan to put those back in production (all in all it was used just for a few synths) but I wonder if there's any chance someone could:
- come up with an alternative voice design (maybe some more flavours could be added to already brilliant synths as the old Oberheims already were, just like what was done with the Ambika cards)
- make analog synths great again according to the present times wherein those have become popular again and sought after. "Maintenance" is a real necessity, not anymore a disaster waiting to happen for the poor ones who still rely on "that-crapaholic-stuff". One could easily set-up a small business providing reliable spares for vintage synth owners as I see many have done, already, yet AFAIK none is currently specialized in synth voice cards.

Is there any brave I'm not aware of that could actually make me pull the trigger on this empty can filling it with warm, luscious, almost-pornish voices?

Or maybe the Oberheim OB-Mx accepts other kinds of voice cards (i.e. the Matrix ones, perhaps)?
Hey man...

Take a look to this side.. ob•mx/

That's a really difficult project..... Don't know if he gets to run the pcb

Greets Dom
Wow! Thanks Dom, that project would really deserve some backing, I wonder if he ever attempted to put it on kickstarter or the likes, just so to probe/raise interest… I might email him and see what happens. Anyway, deffo the one and only interesting source I've found so far, thank you again, mate!
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