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Building the A-182-1
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Author Building the A-182-1
Rank noob here. I want to build some A-182-1s--the Doepfer switched multiple. Which jacks and switches should I buy on They're having a sale that ends tonight. Also what kind of hookup wire? And if I want to make it an OR combiner, which diodes?

Thanks very much, amigos.
You can get whatever jacks you want. Eurorack uses 3.5mm mono jacks, and the big electronics suppliers don't always have 3.5mm jacks at reasonable prices, so most people get them from DIY shops like Thonk or ModularAddict or others. (I've never tried looking for them on Arrow, so I have no idea whether they have any.) Thonk in particular has a pretty good selection with a lot of pictures and info to help you figure things out:
Their "Thonkiconn" jacks (PJ398SM or sometimes PJ301M-12) are one of the kinds a lot of DIYers like, but if you're going to be DIYing a lot of stuff using other people's PCBs, you'll likely end up wanting some of a few different kinds (Thonkiconn, PJ301BM, PJ302M), since different people use different ones in their designs. If you're not using a particular PCB that needs a particular footprint for this project, then you truly can use any kind of jack you want.

(I only DIY Eurorack, so I'm not familiar with the common jacks of other sizes, but checking DIY shops should give you an idea.)

As far as switches, to replicate a A-182-1, you're going to want some sort of SPDT switch (on-off-on). I made something similar and used miniature toggle switches that I bought on ebay or aliexpress, but you could use sub-miniature toggles if you want, or even slide switches. Again, it's up to you. (Switches are another thing that's going to be more expensive to buy from Arrow or Mouser or some other big electronics place than from other places like DIY shops or ebay or aliexpress, by the way.)

For wire, you can use any. I'd recommend paying attention to its diameter or gauge, so that you don't get wire that's way too thick or way too thin.

For diodes for an or combiner, I used 1N5819's for one and it works fine. That said, you could use lots of different kinds. You probably want to use some kind of Schottky diode since it has a lower forward voltage drop.

I think you could get all the things you've asked about here from an electronics supplier called Tayda. They're kind of part way between a big Arrow/Mouser-type place and a smaller DIY shop. They don't have everything that the big guys do, but what they do have they have for cheaper. And they have things like jacks and switches for better prices than the big guys. And a lot of their passives (like resistors and such) are very reasonably priced. For eurorack, they don't have Thonkiconn jacks, but they have jacks that are fairly similar and can sometimes be used instead of thonkiconns, depending on the PCB holes. Their jacks might even be easier to solder to if you're making these modules without a PCB (as I suspect you might be doing), since they have bigger pads to solder to than Thonkiconns.
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