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synthesizer patch design - stackexchange
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Author synthesizer patch design - stackexchange
Hey ) are you familiar with stackexchange ? It is an open and free community based Q&A service.
I have registered a new sub-site for "synthesizer patch design". it needs 59 more members and 40 more questions to move into the next phase of approval.
Basically it will be a place to ask questions on how to get specific sounds out of your synths. Members who ask or answer questions receive ratings and points for the methods they provide. The higher your score, the more features become available.
If this might interest you.. please support it to make it a reality: sign?referrer=BBKBj3qnNwGPaKSEYXyu2A2
Your participation and experience will be of great value to others.
Thanks )
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Synth Noise  
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