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Bugbrand for trying out in Berlin
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Author Bugbrand for trying out in Berlin
In case you didn't know, we carry bugbrand in Berlin at patch point.

you can try all the current sound devices and modular frames in production at our showroom if you are coming through berlin!

Like Tom, we have a couple devices in stock from time to time Rockin' Banana! Rockin' Banana!
I live in Berlin and today i paid a visit to the shop: well, i knew that this place is carring the most wicked banana products, like Bugbrand among others, but i really couldn't expect that you can put your hands on a synthvoice (!), or a chirper (!!) or even a drm2(!!!) woah love SlayerBadger!
Wait, whaaat?
Yes, you can try them out, so that you can realize in person how good they sound Rockin' Banana! nanners It's peanut butter jelly time!

If you're in Berlin pay him a visit, i don't know where else you would have such a chance.

On my own i can only be extremely thankful: now i know that someday I'll go for a chirper!!! I definitely have to applause

Cheers Guinness ftw!
Yeah Patch Point is a banana paradise thumbs up
Berlin - modular synth capital of the world!
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