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Oakley eurorack projects ?
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Author Oakley eurorack projects ?
Does anyone knows if Oakley has the intention to "translate" all their modules for eurorack ? I've got the 4019 VCA (euro), but as you know there are only 3 eurorack modules.

i wonder if it's a line they want to develop, because since 1 year there has been no other eurorack module.
debriff wrote:
Does anyone knows if Oakley has the intention to "translate" all their modules for eurorack ?

I know... sort of. hihi

The general plan is to release various new Oakley modules in Euro format as my time allows. Some of them will be direct ports from the 5U modules and some of them new. The main reason for any differences will be mostly down to the front panel layouts.

However, to get the same or similar functionality into euro requires a move into surface mount PCBs. The PCBs would be batch built by companies who do this sort of thing and not me or Paul. The modules would then be available as ready made units only. There are no plans to release bare Euro PCBs unless I can use ordinary through hole parts.

The RM, VCA and Overdrive were essentially just testers to see if there was a market in Oakley Euro in both ready made and DIY formats. The sales for the DIY format has not really been that overwhelming - probably not enough even for me to justify the time spent writing Builder's Manuals. However, ready made sales were encouraging.

I am hoping to start SMT design work this autumn. The new CAD system is up and running well now and I'm mostly au fait with it's little quirks.

Current work PCB design work is mostly updating the 5U modules over to 16mm pots and dotcom capability.

I've built a few Oakley projects originally designed for 5U into Frac:

Little EG (was that the name back then?) as a dual AD/AR EG; S&H; Noise and Dual Filter; Multi Mix.

It was possible to preserve the original pot mounting scheme on each project thus the pcb is attached via the pots to the panel. Since the rail spacing it slightly bigger in Euro opposed to Frac this should work for Euro, too.
First time post so no idea what I am doing. Thanks to Tony at Oakley for the boards and him and the Mod for getting me on Muffwiggler which for some reason has never worked for me before.

Just built a VCA and a VCO controller using Oakley boards but my own pot/socket panels. Using 15V but in Euro rack size . Both very easy to build worked first time (once I got over the minor problems with my own boards.)


Both need finishing off and front panels now they work.

Have built all of Yusynth modules before and changing them over for less manual wiring also 4 Fonitronik TH design modules. Oh its 7 now.
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