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Aspirations -
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Author Aspirations -
Rex Coil 7
I'm hoping to make this type of content when I get my modular up on it's feet. Since that project has been "dumbed down" by quite a bit, things are moving forward a good deal faster (new updates in the project thread coming very soon).

Here's what the person that created it (John Kreston) had to say about it ... now then, if only I could!

"I have made a video track using the Squarp Pyramid, Novation Circuit, Moog Sub 37, PreenFM2, Rhodes, Minifooger Delay, and Korg KP3+. I’m not great at making these (hence the shaky video), but they’re fun to do every so often. Euclidean patterns drive each of the four Circuit drum parts through individual tracks on the Pyramid. I have it setup with four Euclidean patterns per track bank for a total of sixteen. This way I can mix and match all sixteen patterns on the Pyramid and even swap them or combine them with patterns on the Circuit."

This is really nice. I love the monophonic runs and arpeggios. This ~type~ of music is what I am wanting to produce once "The Super" is fully good. I've been inspired to continue learning how to use that bloody Pyramid sequencer by this and a few other videos by "Mr. Tuna" (shees .. whatever..).

No reason for posting other than to share some really neat monosynth stuff. Very much ~modular~ territory.

cool hihi
That video/music reminded me of the King Crimson ‎– The ProjeKcts CD-box that I have. Pretty neat stuff w00t
Rex Coil 7
Wow ... thank you! I just really like how "progressively musical" it is, so it's great to hear from someone else who ~hears~ the excellence.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, as well. thumbs up

(An American holiday centered around family and being grateful for what we have).

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