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free bandcamp codes for Calineczka's drone tape
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Author free bandcamp codes for Calineczka's drone tape
Dear noise wigglers,

This is a shameless cross-posting as "Your Tunes Here" reached average of a new post every 2h and most of that stuff is (quasi)melodic, so perhaps (no longer?) a good place for sharing "niche" music... Since drone (understood as sustained tone minimalism, not "some ambienty mumbo jumbo") and noise (at least hnw and some "experimental" noise from rrr/povertech/banned) have a nice overlapping characteristics, perhaps it might be closer to _your_ hearts.

edit I forgot to mention, for gear fanatics, it's all Doepfer, two 32hp boxes: A-143-4 and A-118 as sources, and a pack of filters (A-124, A-102, A-103, A-101-6) for processing. mixed with (pretty scruffy) phonic am220. These recordings were picked from rehearsals before purgist/calienczka/psychotronika tour ( ne-rds6 in case you were intersted, which would be strange as it's The Internet and our attention span is limited to 1 link per minute or sth MY ASS IS BLEEDING).

Below is just a copy of (maybe I should have deleted that post?) : (edit:deleted the other post, this is the only copy now smile)

For bandcamp users who happen to enjoy sustained tone minimalism:

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2810858429 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=true artwork=small track=3486510328] zonej-wybuchowo-kompresji-deuter-tryt-w-uk-adzie-cylindrycznym-z-warst w-o-du-ej-inercji

His Majesty Frans de Waard warns "play with caution" and compares the album to "heavily amplified electrical hum picked up from the wall socket" ( -- how cool is that?

The tapes are long gone, but I just got a bunch of redeem codes, help yourself!
In the unlikely event of these ones all gone, pm me or ask here and I'll paste some more.

I do not run Szara Reneta, I collect tapes from them, and wholeheartedly recommend it if you're into noise/fieldrecording/freejazz/experimental (...or drone!).
Long live the held tones![/b]
Thanks for the codes and sharing of your work. That’s always nice and appreciated.
However, we don’t encourage cross-posting here. Thus, deleting one of the threads would also be appreciated. Can you imagine what this place would look like if even half of the posts were posted multiple times MY ASS IS BLEEDING

Kent wrote:
Thus, deleting one of the threads would also be appreciated.

boom, deleted the other one.
thank you
Gave it a listen and used a download code, thanks. Really like it. So, is all your doepfer stuff running static or is it slowly being modulated? Hard for me to tell. Thanks for sharing your setup and your project with the super long name, excellent.
Thank you all!

msmithsp wrote:
is all your doepfer stuff running static or is it slowly being modulated?

The source A-143-4 once tuned is static (and A-118 is what it is); I only played by slowly opening lowpass filters and the volume on my shitty mixer (+ tiny panning stuff to control the amount of beating between these filtered tones).

The entire mentioned tour was played like this, with the exception of RDS-6, which was a 5h composition; for the most part (3.5h more or less) I was only opening a single lpf (wasp), like a tiny fraction once every few minutes, then the second one came but to a very limited degree; no A-118 on this one either. The overall effect was the acoustics of the venue, and the asymmetric placement of loudspeakers. This one turned out really nicely, people were getting in, laying down (there were large pouffes in "my" room) for the average of 40min and leaving, with two notable exceptions of two hardcore droners who stayed for over 3h.
I did record it on tascam dr-05 laying on the floor but it picked up a lot of sounds from outside of the gallery (caffee and even some street sounds) -- though these were not audible in the room (to me):

msmithsp wrote:
the super long name

My project's name is simply Calineczka (Thumbelina in Polish); the title ("Neutron yield for explosion-induced D-T compression in cylindrical system with heavy inertial layer" in Polish) is lengthy as it is the title of the last paper by prof gen Sylwester Kaliski, father-to-be of Polish thermonuclear bomb. He died in a car accident, and the project (held in 1970s in a deep secret) afaik caused a significant national debt (and most likely some interest from Soviet intelligence) so it was never finished. A pretty romantic story, isn't it?
thanks so much for explaining all that.
JayEm FetidEye msmithsp thank you / my pleasure!

Meanwhile I had a second release in park70; it is slightly different (there's some space from 512-stage Doepfer BBD, two more filters, occasional appearance of Dark Energy in the first part; the rest is as before):
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=691973512 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

I don't want to open a new topic for this, I hope interested individuals will find these (perhaps you will get a mention if I quote you? no idea how this stuff works)
(as before, just ask if they all are somehow gone).

long live sustained tone minimalism! This is fun!
great. inspired
hi again,

neither one is a cassette but since it's about download codes really... if anyone is still into tranditional held tone minimalism, here it comes in two flavours:
* "Music not for Airports" -- a slightly longer form (headphones, moderate volume), will be out next week on Attenuation Circuit as a free dl/nyp, but the codes already work (I guess the interested ones already have it but still, perhaps, why not?):


* "Pora Deszczów" -- four short and noisier pieces (serve however you like), free dl from 1834 label
both same gear and methods as above tapes (+ ringmod with lfo to do non-drone thingie in pieces A and C of the shorter one).
thanks, sorry, you're welcome, i didn't ask to be born (delete where inapplicable)
thank you very much!
Don't sleep on these!
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