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Took a class on ModSynth (University's Euro Rack + Videos)!
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Author Took a class on ModSynth (University's Euro Rack + Videos)!
(my bad this is my first post and this might be in the wrong sub-forum)

Hey guys I thought I'd share the rack I worked with over the last 10 weeks during a modular synthesis class at my university. I had a Mother 32 before I started the class and now I've got a DFAM as well. I've linked to some of the sketches I was particularly proud of:

And here's the final track I submitted on my last class (well 1 minute of it at least):

Would love to hear your thoughts/if anyone has any ideas as to areas for exploration or critiques I'm really getting into this stuff so I'd love to discuss.
What uni are you studying at?
sillyquestions? wrote:
What uni are you studying at?
He mentioned SCAD in Savannah in one of his Instagram posts.
Sorry it's late but yes I'm at SCAD in Savannah. This class was something I'd seen on the website ages ago and I was so excited to finally get to take it.
Your last patch sounds great! It’s terrific that your school has invested in this — it’s not just a good way to make music, but an effective way to learn the process of generating sound, modifying it, and organizing a workflow.
Thank you! That last patch was very satisfying to wiggle with wink

Also yea I totally agree, modular can be very eye opening or very confusing to people depending on how they see the world/music production. Compared to most of my cohorts I'm a lot more hardware oriented/come from a guitar and pedals background. It was awesome seeing people that were more familiar with ableton and software suddenly exploring a new world with hardware.

I've been using synths for a couple years now and never really understand a subtractive engine's architecture till now. Definitely an opportunity I'm grateful for.
Dann! Can you major in "Eurorack"?

Wondering if you supply your own rack for the course (and i though textbooks were expensive...) or is it the schools?

Your tracks are pretty awesome, you've clearly learned something.
[quote="honeyb"]Dann! Can you major in "Eurorack"?

haha I fucking wish... Just majoring in "Sound Design". Regarding the gear: There's no textbooks for this class and it's just the school's rack and then there's a little mantis case in another room with a mother, an Orbitals sequencer + some other fun stuff (here's the mantis)

Also thanks, I'm really enjoying exploring the world of eurorack!
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