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How the new place is shaping up (pics)
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Author How the new place is shaping up (pics)
Just to share some of the ongoing works on the new place. I've moved everything out of the old workshop and office but must make the infrastructure of the workshop before I can begin unpacking and sorting!

Monday is a holiday in the UK so I'm using this extended weekend to build the workbenches in the workshop - going about ok though some head-scratching being cause by slightly out-of-true walls!

Workshop shots - first workbench completed:

The room that will be the office is stuffed with things to unpack (not very well organised!):

Downstairs, friends will be taking the two rooms - new shelving was made for the front windows and the back room is currently completely filled with the old workshop stuff:

The builder has removed partition walls in the top front room to return it to its true size - it'll be a workroom until the roofing work is done.

And the roof has been completely stripped back! This is the biggest 'to-do' on the building - previous works have not been so great so there are some rotten timbers to be replaced, a complete re-felt + improved roof ventilation, brickwork to be done-up, rendering etc... It is quite interesting to see the roof uncovered this way, but also a bit scary seeing all the dirty details! (and, yes, we have a covered scaffolding so that work can continue despite the weather):

Time to get on with the workbenches I guess..!
That's looking really impressive! But sure is a lot of work (and it's quite clear that there is still a bit more to be done...).
Will be really satisfying once you're up and running, though. Having put in the hours and getting results!

I'm about to be moving houses myself, and it is with dread I see these pictures of half-finished spaces. I know that feeling too well, and will be doing a lot of carpentry (carpenting?) myself soon enough...

Reality Checkpoint
Foundation of the empire!

Crikey, you really do have your work cut out. Hope you do not discover any further wonkiness.
Wow, that looks like a hell of a lot of work.
Bricks and mortar? Roof felt? Walls out of true? Old timbers? Where the hell is the Tyvek, steel studs, sheet rock, and Home Depot special on Toxic flooring?

No wonder the BSA and Norton bikes all leak oil!

What's with you Brits? Got to get with the agenda, tear down all that old historic stuff and build yourself a new dump that will last 20 years, then get torn down again and rebuilt! That's what keeps the economy rollin over here in the U S of A...

Least it did till we blew the pooch on bad loans to pay for it all. Did I mention the audio visual/alarm system wth built in speakers in every room and master remote? IT EVEN RUNS MY BUCHLA!
Looks like a case for Sarah Beeney j/k

Getting the roof sorted is paramount, and stripping it back to nowt as you have is often the best way to go, just be sure to make the roofspace rodent proof as best you can, those little critters can cause serious damage.

Lovely old building though!
Yow - exciting times ! Wishing you the best - radams
Thanks guys! (& hehe)
Luckily I have a very good builder doing all the external/roof work.
All the work is certainly different from module building, that's for sure..
Today I got the main workbench pretty much completed so snapped another pic-montage which also shows the sanded floor I bust my balls over a week or two back::

Does that picture make it look like the bench is at a slant?!!
Well it ain't - good and flat and sturdy!

"Get a back on that chair son or elf n safety 'll be on your case" lol
Good to see things move along - one step at a time.
That drill seems eager to make holes into some fresh panels Rockin' Banana!
wonderful. congratulations.
best of luck in your new digs
Looking good Tom! Lots of natural light too. Makes almost anything nicer in my opinion. Very excited for you.

Congrats! Things look they're coming along nicely.

Now let's see some bugs crawling out of that bench! It's peanut butter jelly time!

BugBrand! BugBrand! BugBrand!
Love to get updates like this and see what is happening behind the machines. You put a lot of magic into modules and deserve to be in a space that makes the work comfortable. Thanks for sharing.
This is, like, watching the birth of a legend razz Congrats on things shaping up nicely!
Oh, I never updated more pictures so here goes:::

3rd September - two composite shots of the workshop with workbenches finished:

By last week I'd unpacked a lot but so much still to sort::

I've actually been 'working' today (finally!) - should do a new picture given the Music-DIY thread about workspaces - just to show how the acres of desk-space are already quite well filled!

Edit::: and here's one today too!
Looks great Tom! 8_)
BugBrand wrote:
Edit::: and here's one today too!

Now looking cosy It's peanut butter jelly time!

Glad you're getting settled.
Some fresh blue loveliness in there too!
So next batch of modules isn't that far away now then wink thumbs up

That's looking pretty damn sweet! hyper
That's one helluva hive you've got there Tom.
Congratulations on having climbed so far, and undoubtedly with much prosperity ahead.
Wow - fantastic - looks like a comfortable and positive place to be - it's always exciting to have some new energy in life - I really hope your enjoying it and wish you the best !
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