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New Grilles
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Author New Grilles
I don't remember where I wrote about it but I made a new batch of Grilles (with an "s").
I added MIDI IN on the front panel, so it can be clocked via MIDI.

I never used my BugBrand modular with MIDI, but I thought it might be useful if you use for instance drum machines or a DAW.
This is the kind of thing I did not know how to do earlier. Like with the last Radio Music I made, where I was able to add some more controls (with the help of the forum and of Tom). Now I also know the tools a bit better. Slowly learning...

I show this in the short video:
Start/stop does not work with all the gear I tested.
With my Machinedrum and my Electribe SX the clock is permanent***.
Not a no-go IMHO, but worth mentioning.
With my Beatstep Pro and the DAW (I use Logic and a old MIDISPORT MIDI interface) clock and start/stop go well.


Fun with some Autechre beats I have on my Machinedrum while testing for fun:


*** I saw an article online saying that Korg uses minijacks on the SQ1 sequencer and the new ElecTribes where sleeve and ring are swaped. So In the back of the Grilles I added a dipswitch to the circuit too, to be able to switch between 2 different MIDI standards. I can't test this though as I have no SQ1 or new electribe, but I can say that the question of start/stop is not related.
Always enjoy hearing these. Thanks.
Very smart additions Batchas! Is a really useful and cool module
As info: at the time I was making both versions of the Grille(s) modules, I did not worried about 10v range (I mainly use a sequencer for accurate control of a pattern at the CV IN and I am setting the CV accordingly). And I also did not have the know-how to change the circuit like I did later on, to accept a -5v/+5v range or output +10v signals.
Which means the Grilles accepts 10v signals but will only take in account a 5v range (negative or positive). So a 10v signal at an input will not harm the module, it will simply be clipped once it reaches the 5v limit.

Now a LPG needs a signal over +5v to be gated. I didn't know. BananaPlug mentionned this in a discussion we had about the signal standards in the BugBrand system. So it means you can set the trig ouput of the Grille(s) to GATE instead of TRIG, it will gate the LPG (I tried), but then logically the gate signal will be less strong, less percussive. I'll show in a video.
If you want a higher gate signal for the LPG (as said everything else can be triggered, gated or clocked), a workaround is to "double" the trig out via a mixer, like the DC mixer present in the LFO/DC mixer module for instance. It does not need to be exactly doubled. Even +7v will work, something higher than +5v I mean.
You can use an attack/decay, but a bit a shame to sacrify one only for this.
Better take a logic "OR" gate, then a +5v at the input means a signal high enough at the output to gate the LPG.
batchas wrote:
Now a LPG needs a signal over +5v to be gated. I didn't know.

Here is the LPG gated by Grille (should have taken the Grilles with MIDI IN as I'm in the Grilles thread, but both versions act of course the same).

As mentionned above it's not that Grille(s) cannot gate the LPG, it's just that the gate signal is not as strong as with a module outputing +10v.

Bass drum sound heard in all videos = QuadSine sent to LPG.

Changing Grilles patterns on the fly >>> FUN nanners

Grilles is triggering the Radio Music modules (normal trig out) and Tresses (accent out).
Beat: Scrotum Lab Grilles + Radio Music.
Osc: Tresses going through COF filter.
Efx: PT Delay.

EDIT: deleted video
IF I have a rhythm sample on Radio Music, then I sync Grilles to it via TAP tempo and use it as main clock.


I was testing after mounting to panel and ended with a short jam using clock divisions mode:


And here is a longer version if anyone was interested by the previous shorter video. Quite repetitive I admit, but I was focusing on divisions while doing it!

EDIT: more TAP tempo

Great module applause
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