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Shout out for Dave Brown!
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Author Shout out for Dave Brown!
I hope I don't embarrass the man, but as I missed giving him a shout out here around Thanksgiving, I want to ensure I get it in at year end.

One of the cool things about modular synths is that there's an amazing variety of boutique and roll your own modules. One of the not so cool things is that not every one of those roll-your-owns is well documented or easily built, and I'm betting quite a few of us have unfinished modules that we couldn't get working because components, docs and our own technical ability didn't quite match up.

I ran into just those sorts of problems recently when me and another wiggler tried to build the Barton dual nice quantizer: Michael Barton was a gent in helping us, but there's only so much you can do over email, and we couldn't get the thing calibrated. When I approached Dave for help, he went way above and beyond in troubleshooting and improving the build, and would accept only a tiny sum for his troubles. The man is an absolute gem, and I'm very grateful to have people like him in the synth community we're not worthy

The Quantizer, by the way, is a sweet module and was well worth the trouble!
I agree 100%!
Dave Brown is a legend.
there is not enough kind stuff to be said about the human that is dave brown. he nursed my moog the source into such a fine state of health and the documentation, communication, shipping security, kindness were completely top notch. i mean totally next level old world baddd asss.
Yes! He is the most helpful person!

Another thumbs up for Dave! He's helped me out with a couple of my own designs in the past, and I am very appreciative. Brilliant fellow.
Also agree...!

If it wasn't for Dave, I'd have never gotten my 'mystery' Moog prototype oscillator running...! applause
applause Dave rules! we're not worthy
I agree, Dave Brown is outstanding - a true gentleman, considerate and kind.

His advice has been invaluable.
Oh, and calibrating the Barton DNQ is not for the faint of heart.
Indeed! Much gratitude. And extra thanks for his willingness to help even when already overloaded with work. Hope all these accolades don't make it even harder for him to finally get to some of his own projects. smile

Seriously though, thanks Dave!!
Dave Brown helped me chase down the power cable and fuse enclosure I needed to revive an old early 60's Tek oscilloscope. Really terrific guy.
DrReverendSeance wrote:
Oh, and calibrating the Barton DNQ is not for the faint of heart.

You're telling me. I learned a load, and probably took years off my life trying to work it out
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