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Ableton to ES-8: no output through ADAT in standalone mode
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Author Ableton to ES-8: no output through ADAT in standalone mode
Got a new Presonus Studio 18/24 with ADAT in and out. Connected with the ES-8 in standalone mode, I get sound from the four inputs in Ableton Live 10, but no output on any of the 8 ADAT channels on the ES-8. Changed optical cables to no avail.

e.g. VCO -> ES-8 -> Presonus ADAT in -> Ableton: ok
Ableton -> Presonus ADAT out -> ES-8: nothing

Sometimes I have some flickering on all 8 ES-8 analog outputs without any input signal (ADAT or ES-8 inputs). It happens repeatable with a VCO-Input in any of the ES-8 analog inputs. Higher input voltage -> more noise on the output. After stopping the input, the noise fades out (and comes back randomly in short bursts).

With USB, all 8 outputs work, but I'm on Windows 10, and Asio4all doesn't work for me.
As I'm a complete ADAT-noob I'm stuck here.

ES-8 Firmware 1.20
After more trial and error (more error) I finally took a break. Soldered the really nice Phonic Taxidermist modul from circuitbenders as some kind of meditation.
After that and with a fresh mind I studied the not-so-user-friendly Universal Control Studio 1824 mixer again. Put all the faders down, set it to bypass mode and voila, everything behaves like it should.
So here the error sat in front of the keyboard.
Next day, back to start. Nothing had changed in the setup, but again no output through the 8 ADAT outs.
What I tried so far to no avail:
- all available Presonus drivers
- another Windows 10 and another Windows 7 computer
- Ableton 10 beta, Ableton 9
- Reaper
- Bitwig
Always the same: no output through ADAT.

Macbook instead of Windows PC: everything works, no problem, so Hardware is good.

Any help is much appreciated.
I have an ES-8, Live 10, Presonos 192. The USB driver is fairly useless unless the only thing you want to do is re-route Ableton's output to the ES-8's outputs. I was unable to get ASIO4ALL to install in Live 10. I'm about to route signals from the ES-8, via ADAT, to my Studio 192. Did you ever get your ES-8 to work?
Yes, I did. After a lot of back and forth with the Presonus support, it was found that there is a bug in the Presonus USB driver (or Universal Control software, don't know).
Right now, I'm using the "Studio USB ASIO driver" in Ableton, ES-8 is only connected to the ADAT ports. After every start of windows, I have to go to the Presonus mixer window and toggle the bypass option off and on again. After that, I have sound without using the mixer software at all.
To get the ADAT out ports (to the ES-8) to work, I have to change the sample rate in Ableton to 48000 and back to 44100. After that, everything is working flawless. (The other direction, from ES-8 to Presonus, is working from the start without problems).

(Sorry for not having updated my post, but that whole thing was a real pita - I even replaced the hardware to exclude a hardware fault).
White noiz
Have you had any more problems with the 1824. I'm getting the same problems and switching sample rate does nothing. I'm using bitwig.

Edit; installed latest software and the sample rate change works.
Hi White Noiz, glad to hear this. It's still only a workaround and should be repaired. They managed at least that this bypass option toggling is no more necessary, so there is little hope for this ADAT problem.
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