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Trying 5U
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Author Trying 5U
Thinking about dipping my feet in the 5U pond.........not too big( said that about

Any suggestions,tips welcome.......
5U is divided into two sub categories (mostly), Moog/Mu/Dotcom format and MOTM/Modcan B format. If you want the least hassles, near seamless compatibility, and greatest availability stick with modules that strictly adhere to the Dotcom format that run on +-15v.

If you are in the USA/North America start by looking at what you can get from the following two sources:

Beyond that, what are you hoping to do with your 5U modular, other then having lots of FUN! This is fun! thumbs up
Depends on what you're going to do with it -- stand alone synth or not. Might consider a Box 11 and some different configurations of modules here:

Good luck!
Welcome to the dark side, mwhahaha! cool I'd definitely recommend one of the starter systems for someone just starting out in 5U.
It's not cheap but I think that the dotcom Thought Box TB22++ looks pretty cool. For something cheaper, the single Box-11 2-VCO system gives you a great fat analog voice.
If you're coming from euro, you might find a lot of the Dotcom stuff a little basic (1 function per module). That's the case with a lot of 5U though. There are some exceptions though. The Rob Hordijk stuff is really deep, but there's a waiting list and he's more interested in selling whole systems. Many people seem to start off with mostly dotcom stuff and then eventually introduce stuff from other brands. Not that there's anything wrong with Dotcom's modules. They are very well built and a great deal for the money. Moon Modular, Oakley, Mos-Lab, Synthwerk, Corsynth, Analogue Craftsman, Happy Nerding, Megohm Audio, STG Soundlabs and SSL are all makers you can't go wrong with. There are many other great companies. Also Frequency Central and Noise Engineering have recently begun to offer 5U versions of their modules. Like others have said, you just have to figure out what you want to do. If I were just starting out in 5U, I'd check with Krisp1 or Rich from LWSS and see if they could build me Tony's new synth voice module. One thing to keep in mind, the power supplies and sequencers are considerably more expensive than euro, but everything else is closer to euro prices. Let us know what you decide. Good luck!

Ps. Here's a good place to pick up some used 5U.
wont add more than I said on the 5U itch thread,

but as someone who as recently moved up from Euro.

a) haunt the BST/ FB forum for goodies, I think I saved about £1K buying 2nd hand.

b) clever modules which have VCAs added to filter to save space are less common, so its usually one module one task. (usually)

c) its bigger, so space needed increases.... This is obvious, but also actually needs to be said... is your table big enough, do you want it to be in any way portable, low ceilings??

d) its much slower than Eurorack, so dont expect new modules every week. I feel this is a GOOD THING, you might disagree,
Flexyflier wrote:
........not too big( said that about

Welcome aboard and've just decided to go down another rabbit hole.
Hello Flexy,

If you are located in a big city or... then you may find synth meets or a local 5u wiggler to shake hands with and get some time on a system. I, myself, am in the south east and welcome visitors.

As I am sure you are aware, the sagacious members of this forum are a resource from heaven.

Keep on asking questions, use the heck out of modgrid and shop carefully.

Bowman wrote:
Flexyflier wrote:
........not too big( said that about

Welcome aboard and've just decided to go down another rabbit hole.

I have been bouncing around in the Euro corridor,I guess another one won’t hurt.......will it
Thanks to all for all the info........
Flexyflier wrote:
I have been bouncing around in the Euro corridor,I guess another one won’t hurt.......will it

Only your bank account. (But it's so worth it!)
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