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open source midi controller chip.
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Author open source midi controller chip.
this thing could be great for modular midi..
you can configure what control does what and can build a panel for it..
create specific set ups with your potentiometer preferences driven by midi its only limited by your imagination really..

you could create your own trigger boxes for instance or automate velocities or filter cut offs ..or a box/module along the lines of the recent .com/SSL gate output modules but with more specific commands..

a small example of possibilities
it's not a chip, it's a board, and the board costs >$100

I prefer
its different.. it has it all set up and ready to go.. it has midi in/out.. and i think 64 destinations.. you just connect them ..(I use a teensy in my prophet 600 smile..)

..yes the 'board' is $149 $100 $50

turning a teensy into this board is quite a bit of work and coding..and parts..


Using OpenDeck building of MIDI controllers is simpler than ever.

Instead of spending time on circuit design, programming, and solving lots of unnecessary problems, simply connect components of your MIDI controller into OpenDeck board and you’re done.

Additional board configuration can be done online – no installation of extra software is necessary!

MIDI in + MIDI out
64 digital inputs for buttons/32 inputs for encoders
48 outputs with PWM support for single-color LEDs/16 RGB LEDs
32 inputs for analog potentiometers or FSRs (configurable as digital inputs for buttons)

potentially you could make the most serious modular controller quite easily with one of these..
josaka wrote:
turning a teensy into this board is quite a bit of work and coding..and parts..

the opendeck firmware is open source we're not worthy (respect). and this is targeted at diyers so the parts aren't all that big of a deal.
lots of LEDs and buttons are kind of a big deal that's true
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