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Year End Funding Drive / Save Muff's
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Author Year End Funding Drive / Save Muff's
Muff Wiggler
Hi Folks - As you know this community has always been supported by and for the ads, no bias, for the people.

Patreon has been a huge help covering the growing expenses, which combined with increasing expenses and a shrinking in Patreon supporters has brought us back to the state where we are close to but not quite covering the hosting costs. The difference accumulates a bit every month, with me paying it down to zero whenever I can.

Currently I'm unemployed and struggling to come up with rent for January 1. The forum has an overdue balance of $1784.19 which is due by Dec. 31 or they will be pulling the plug on the site.

I know this is an expensive month for everyone and I hate having to grovel for cash but this is a case of the survival of the forum. I have found a way to cut some expenses and bring the hosting costs down by a few hundred dollars a month, but first we need to settle our overdue account.

If anyone is able to assist your support will literally mean the life of the forum. Graciously and humbly asking for donations from anyone with the want and ability to help. PayPal donations can be sent to

Thanks for your continued love and support of the site, we would be nowhere without you amazing folks. I love you all.

Thank you

Thanks, Mike!

Sent you a few bucks. Some simple math calculates that if each of the 43,000 users donated just a few bucks each there would be plenty of surplus to pay future bills.

Everybody chip in!

Happy holidays!
Scooter McCrae
Still a monthly Patreon contributor and I just sent along some funds via PayPal. THANK YOU for all that you do to keep the wonderful place going, Mike, and I hope employment and prosperity are on the way for you as soon as possible in 2019. Happy holidays to you and your family!

Scooter McCrae
Like Scooter, I'm continue my monthly Patreon but also dropped you a XMAS bonus to help with the December bill.


I contributed a bit. Good luck!
Just donated. Happy to help
Reality Checkpoint
My best wishes to you Mike. Funds winging their way across the 'pond' now!
Just donated. Thanks for this invaluable forum!
Thanks a lot for your passion and work, donated some bucks and hope you will collect enough to keep this unique space running.
Some cash coming right at you! Thanks for the great forum! Rockin' Banana!
Eel Power FTW!
Cash sent! Thanks for an amazing forum!
Done! Thanks for everything you've done.
this should be made a sticky or pop up when coming to the forum?

should be made as visible as possible?
ignatius wrote:
this should be made a sticky or pop up when coming to the forum?

should be made as visible as possible?
Yeah, maybe change the Information banner or something at least?
Thank you for all you do for this community. thumbs up
I’d like to contribute, but how?
just sent some loot. i hope we collect enough! cheers!
Reality Checkpoint
Grumble wrote:
I’d like to contribute, but how?

Go to the main index page and right at the bottom you will see 'Donate'

sorry, just noticed the for paypall, just used that.
Just made a small donation, thanks for all your hard work... we're not worthy
Just made a small donation. Can I suggest that this is copied to the forums. I spotted this reposted on FB, but wouldn’t have seen it here.... I’m rarely if ever in the announcements forum.

Yes, I know that makes me a bad person.
Just sent a few bucks.
Thank you Mike for this forum, I enjoy every visit here and always learn something new !
Chugging Beers
Done. And i take this opportunity to thank you all.
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