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lasercut boat for blacet rails...
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Author lasercut boat for blacet rails...
I've been making a number of rather slim frac modules recently who needed their own home. This is my first attempt at a case but since I don't have a woodshop I had this cut by the local laser place out of mdf. No sanding or painting, just glue and some screws for the rails. I'd probably make a couple minor changes if I made one again but this came out pretty kick ass for a first try. Mr. Green

I like it!

What did it cost, if we may inquire?
I don't have an exact figure as I had a few panels cut at the same time but I think it was about $35 for materials and cutting from Ponoko. The back is two pieces so I could fit it on one sheet of material, it would cost a little more to have it as one piece. Cheap regardless.
Woah, good job. That turned out sweet. thumbs up Props on the 'nanafied SQ-1 nanners .

Some questions for you on the case.
- Did you provide the laser place with some plan?
- I'm assuming those black left and right bits are for keeping the rails together.
- Are those rails from blacet?
- What kind of power supply are you running there?

I'm working on my DIY skills with the goal of building a banana system at some point. On the fence as to if I want to do Frac or 4u. Really inspired by the banana frac stuff though.

The plans needed for laser cutting are just simple vector graphics .eps files from illustrator or similar. I've attached the file I used if you want to see an example.

The rails are from Blacet and the black bits are part of the rails. They sell them with rack ears or with right angles which is what I'm using to attach to the case. They're super sturdy.

I have a nice rackmount power supply I wanted to be compatible with (hence the xlr) but wanted something more portable. I tried a frogleg synthesis beetle pcb with a 1A 15V dc/dc converter (DKMW30F-15) in a guitar pedal enclosure. So far it's working like a charm.

There's loads of great stuff in 4u these days and not too much actual banana frac but if you're up for designing your own panels (which I've found I really enjoy) there's plenty of stuff you can frac up.
Thank you for sharing the plans!! I've been considering jumping into FRAC. What is the lineup of modules in your case? I can't quite tell from the pic
dianusindustrial wrote:
What is the lineup of modules in your case?

I wanna know, too, and see a close-up pic!

Looks like there's a SynthCube/Stroh module in there, and the rest is DIY in BugBrand blue?

And a very cool case, too!! Looks like you're using an XLR-4 for power, from a (presumably) DIY PSU?
The handle/right angles sides were never a big seller. Rack ears are more popular. I’m inspired by the laser cut boat though.

For anyone considering this, we have 9 Bare kits with the right angle sides left in stock. We will not be making any more.
You can get the kit for $69 (regular price $109). Just email with your shipping info and we will invoice you.

One tip for the boat application: a small amount of material must be removed from the rail ends for the screw holes to line up. A few passes with a file is enough.

Limited time offer, quantites limited.
I'm going to have to pick up another rack then. I'm really liking this. It also stands up easily with a guitar stand for tabletop fun without murdering my neck:) The lineup has changed a little since then but that picture is...

Barton writable quantizer
Stroh stereo pulse vco, resonant gate, downlow filter, stereo out
Lazerkind's dual digital oscillator
CGS dc mixer
Toppobrillo triple wavefolder, dual function generator
NLC sauce of unce

There's a bunch more pictures in last years diy gloat thread (which is a wonderful but enormous thread) but here's a couple pictures of individual modules...

Thanks for the write up! This is beautiful work!
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