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MQ Voltage Memory & Sidrax
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Author MQ Voltage Memory & Sidrax
I’m interested in getting hold of a Votlage Memory to expand playability with my Sidrax but unsure about how it all works.

I’m presuming it’s possible to store scales using the VM and recall them whilst playing. I’d be keen to know the workflow anyhow?

Also I see Analogue Haven sell them but it would be good to know if there’s anywhere EU?

I have used this combo for years now. You can store scales but once you hit save they go out of tune. Badly, about 30 cent flat, and not all the same. It rounds of the next possible stored value. No way around it. So its useless for exact recall of scales or pieces, unless you are willing to adjust permanently. I would look at other options if you can. I am in a hostage situation with it, since I stored many pieces on the VM that I know how to work around, so it has me by the neck. Dead Banana
Thanks for the insight, I'm glad I asked the question.

In theory it seemed like a great idea to move between pre-defined pitches— particularly as the range is so huge on the Sid, oh well.

Something about CL and presets does feel a bit wrong anyway.
any alternative solutions for this?
tune by ear on the fly hihi seriouly, I'd reach for other instrument for tonality.
Okay, it seems that Frames can be viable solution.

In 10v mode you can keyframe the state and make keyframes for different scales. Just issue of needing 2 to cover sidrax, and 3 to cover sidrax/tetrax... but doable.
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