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Juju in Rotterdam
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Author Juju in Rotterdam
Hello everyone, the art-entity I lead as Benevolent Dictator, BRUD, is pleased to announce JUJU.

Juju is a new modular format made up of modules called Homo Modularis that are touch-sensitive, can be gesture-patched, act as vocoders, and have a wide array of inputs and outputs. The many musics of the Homo Modularis are called Modular Folk.

Juju will live primarily in Rib, in Charlois, Rotterdam. Our first emanation is on Feb 1st, from 8.30pm. Do join us.

We are especially keen on having local synthesists over, especially Wigglers. I have in mind kozepz and wavecircle who I will write to, please do bring along friends, Ciat-Lonbarde or otherwise.
Hi Ummo, thanks for the invitation.
I might visit someday but don't do any live performances anymore.

Succes with the exibitions!
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