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*UPDATE* The terrible people in this world...
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Author *UPDATE* The terrible people in this world...
I know this is off topic, but I love my 5U kindred spirits and trust that this will be past along to the other sub forums.

There is a small church located right next to our maintenance facility at the golf course that I take care of. For those that want to do google maps, 3592 Evans to Locks Road Augusta (martinez), Georgia. It is a small church that has been around for close to 90 years. It is a Southern Baptist church started nearly 80 years ago by the African American families that lived outside of "Augusta". They currently have about 25-30 family to say the least, not that big.

Last week, somebody broke into the church and stole the keyboard and modest PA system they had in the sanctuary. After talking to some of the members this happened after a funeral that many "outsiders" attended.

Let me step back at this point and say this.....

I am not a Baptist nor a member of the church.....I really only know the one guy from the church that mows the grass. He is pushing 80...when I see him out there on Saturdays...I grab our equipment and go help him out. That is just how I am....I am not a saint but I like helping people out when I can.

I got pissed off enough last night about terrible people, that I ordered a JBL206P system for the church. It will be here tomorrow with enough time to get it set up for Sunday service.

The other thing that was stolen was a keyboard of some nature. I am hoping to get more info about this. I suspect that it was a piano/organ type thing.

I know that some of you don't know me from "Adam" but there are others out there that will. If you have some sort of keyboard/organ that might fit the bill, PM me with a price.

If anyone just wants to donate to this "fuck terrible people" cause, PM me.

In fact, if you want to donate, PM me and I will call you. There is so much shifty shit going on the web these days, I want people to know there are still good people out there.
That's a bit sad, most of those places are effectively social hubs for the older generations.

I hope they've done a bit of work on the locks, places that don't address the security issues usually become repeat targets. Perhaps some nice heavy lockboxes for the sanctuary, secured to the floor with dynabolts?
Eric the Red
It takes a real special kid of dirt bag to steal shit, and an extra special piece of shit to do it in a place of worship.

PM sent your way.

Rex Coil 7
I went through some pretty ugly shit in the beginning of the 1990s. It took me over a decade to allow myself to realize that there are some (stress ~some~) good people out there, and restore some molecular sized chunk of belief of any good within humanity. My faith of the goodness in humanity had twindled to a tiny little barely visible spark that was previously a bright campfire-sized flame.

When I hear stories such as that which has been presented here, in this thread .... I silently rage with that all too familiar lack of faith in us .... "dammit! ... really? ... this is the best we can do? ... shyit" as the thought of some shitbag ripping off a church swirls around in my head.

You're doing the right thing, for the right reasons, Member *Dave.

I walk away from this post, my hands stuffed in my coat pockets, head hanging low, mumbling to myself ... "some people's children".

Most churches would have solicited enough tax free money through the years to pay for the Grateful Deads soundsystem, but this does not sound like the case here.

We have druggie/junkies walking the neighborhood at night breaking into cars to steal change or whatever. Then they go home to sit in Moms basement and play video games. It's a pain in the ass to remove the razorblades I tape onto my car door handles, but I sleep sound knowing that maybe one scumbag will not be able to play video games tonight.

I would donate my old Behringer UB802 Mixer to your cause, but I gave it away at work today to a young musician who has a growing family.
umma gumma
that really sucks!!

there are often free organs listed in classifieds, for anyone who will pick them up

perfect for a church

and they are not that easy to steal wink
I had exactly the same thing happen to my equipment many years ago which I stored at the church I played in.

Luckily not my keyboard, which I took each time and brought back with me. It was my amplifier and speaker which was stolen.

Very upsetting even more so because it was from the church.

I can sympathise... waah
Thank you all for the support!!

I am heading up to the church in a bit to install some security plates on the 2 doors. Our local locksmith even cut me a deal when he heard about what had happened. While the plates will slow somebody down quite a bit...there will always be a special fuckwad thief willing to go the extra mile.

Thank you all so much!
umma gumma wrote:
that really sucks!!

there are often free organs listed in classifieds, for anyone who will pick them up

perfect for a church

and they are not that easy to steal wink

Thanks for the tip! will expand my search a bit!

I have also been trolling facebook market place and craigslist for "recently" added PA systems and keyboards. My hope is that the someone is dumb enough to turn the stolen stuff over on the internet!
So bads news......and GREAT NEWS!!

The bad....unfortunately the church doesn't have and record of model numbers let alone serial numbers of the big pieces that were stolen. So the stuff might be on the internet for sale, but I have no way of knowing.

The great news:

The JBL system came in this morning and I have already met with a couple members of the Church to give it to them. I told them about sharing the story of the break-in on my "synthesizer forum". They were just floored that a a bunch of complete strangers would be so generous. I let them know that this forum is full of great people who would "intimately" understand the loss of gear!!

I have already received several monetary donations from members here. I can't even begin to express my gratitude. You folks know who you are...much love my friends!

I made a list of other things the church would need to get back up and running. Top on that list were a couple of microphones. Call it Karma, but when I got back home from the church, I had a message in my inbox from a member about donating some mics!

You guys are truly the best. I value all the support posts as much as the donations. We have already made a huge difference in a situation that would have otherwise been a sad burden and set-back to folks that don't deserve it!
So a huge thanks to all of you for the kind words and support. Thanks to my fellow muffwigglers, I was able to collect an additional $195.00 dollars to go toward the church. This was a HUGE help as there was all the "little stuff" like speaker&mic cables, stands, etc...that aren't the "fun" part of gear but most certainly necessary.

At this point, further monetary donations aren't super necessary, but if you think you have something gear wise that might help, please PM me.

Once I get the mics that were donated over to the church, I can help them get up and running! Once things are set, I will post a couple pics so that my generous fellow wigglers can see what they have done for these folks!

Again, thank you all for your support and generosity! I will post more soon!
I went to work this morning and dropped by the church to see if they had gotten things up and running. I was greeted by several of the members and they gave me this....

I wanted to share this with all of you...and offer up yet another round of thanks to everyone!!

Great to hear, warms my heart. Any idea what other kinds of gear they are looking for?
Yayyy! screaming goo yo
BTG wrote:
Great to hear, warms my heart. Any idea what other kinds of gear they are looking for?

I am sure they are probably still looking for a keyboard/piano/organ, but I will check for sure next Saturday!
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