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Presonus AR12 USB v/s Zoom Livetrack L-12
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Author Presonus AR12 USB v/s Zoom Livetrack L-12
So I've been awarded a $600 credit note from a store here in Hong Kong and since I'm in need of a mixer+audio interface after returning a faulty Soundcraft Signature 12MTK back and forth, I'm left with a choice between the AR12 USB and the Livetrack L-12. I need some help deciding what's best suited for my purpose, and that is:

Recording 6 channels of eurorack
Recording Novation Peak
Recording drum machine (single track)
Recording DX7
Studio Use
Live Use
Multi Track in DAW or SD card
All-in-one solution since I don't have a dedicated audio interface.

Ideally, I need something that'll last at least a 4-5 years without me needing to upgrade.

Help if you have experience with either of these models?

I’m looking at these 2, which did you get? Happy?
I have the AR12 as a sub mixer and really like it.

Currently set up to manage 4 mono and 1 stereo channel of Eurorack, a stereo Continuum Mini and a Music Easel. Also has Eventide Space and Korg KP3 on the remaining stereo channels acting as returns for Sends 1 & 2.

I don't particularly like the built in FX. They are quite bland and completely uneditable - there isn't even a tap tempo on the delays - but you can bypass them and direct the third send to an external processor. There isn't a return channel so whatever you send to will need its own channel to bring it back. There are inserts on the first two channels only.

The Bluetooth option on last channel is useful is you want to fly stuff in from an iPad or similar. The USB out is class compliant so it will connect directly to an iPad/phone via the camera connection kit. I mostly use this to send the main mix directly to a camera app on my phone so I can made demo videos etc pretty much instantly if something good is happening.

The built in recorder is one button push away. The limitation is that it only records the main mix. If you want to record multitrack, you need to use the USB out, hook it up to a laptop and use the Presonus Capture software.

The EQ is decent.

Build quality is ok. It's quite light. For live use I think I'd want it in a flight case. Power is built-in so no wall wart involved.
I had the LiveTrak L-12 and upgraded to Presonus AR 16 USB. I could have choosen the LiveTrak L-20 but decided on the AR 16 for several reasons:
* Channel 1 and 2 on the L-12 doesn't have line in, just mic and instrument. My modular (MU) and other synths were too hot to use unattenuated, which was really annoying.
* The bleed thru on channel 5/6 vs 7/8 on the L-12. Could be fixed with balanced cables, but honestly - this is a design flaw.
* The Nord Lead 3 like interface where you select a channel and the encoder leds indicated values for eq, pan and fx is great, but it's greater to one unique (!) knob per function as the AR 16.
* I didnt't care for the scenes ot 5 headphones out on the L-12. Nor for the recoding of individual tracks.
I’ve just switched to a new DL-16s by Mackie; stage box design, fully digital with 16 ins, 8 outs, and headphone outs controlled by tablet or phone. It seems to have very wide levelling for inputs so it handles modular signals no problem, lots of FX/EQ, and functions as a 16/8 USB interface for my Mac and iPad.
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