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hdmi to visual cortex
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Author hdmi to visual cortex
Un1 Piano
Hi, I was wondering if any of you could help. Im trying to run an HDMI signal
from a PC into my visual cortex via a Portta HDMI to YPbPr RGB convertor. All I seem to get is an extremely noisy, distorted image.

I've run through screen resolutions and progressive/interlaced settings on my PC with no luck and the Porta is working as I've run a signal directly from the PC to a monitor. It seems to be when its directed through the visual cortex.

Any ideas much appreciated

I also failed to get a lock using that device. I found a bunch of other cheap devices that also failed. However, a very cheap HDMI->Composite converter into a Composite->Component converter worked perfectly. That's obviously less ideal, but it worked. If/when I want a better quality conversion, I'll try an HDMI->SDI converter into an SDI->Component converter. I have the latter but not (yet) the former, so I can't give you a definite solution.

BTW, I think the old TBC module may have had difficulty locking on to the output from the HDMI->Composite converter mentioned above. ISTR my solution was to run it thru a V-4 mixer. However, I only tried that configuration once, so I can't say for sure my memory of that is clear. I hope the DVI inputs on the Orion series TBC2 can handle HDMI via a simple adapter, or that the Composite in on the TBC2 can handle awkward signals better than the Visionary series module.

So I can recommend picking up a cheap video mixer with a builtin TBC. Even a basic single-TBC mixer may be able to clean up a poor composite signal. That alone won't help you get an HDMI signal into your video synth, but may help with one of the steps toward a solution, as I found.

Good luck.
I seem to remember that this one was semi-officially recommended by LZX at some point, and it works great for me:

Universal Premium Quality HDMI to Component Video Converter with RCA L/R & Optical Audio Outputs | Support 480i, 720P, 1080i & 1080P Video Output PAL & NTSC | Model: H2CS
Yes, I've yet to find one of those. They seem to be unavailable in the UK. I can find similar devices, but I've already spent too much time and money trying to find one that works with LZX. I just gave up on HDMI. Since then, I've acquired a Blackmagic Design SDI->Component converter, which can also downscale, and they now have a cheap HDMI->SDI converter. So if/when I spend any more time and money on HDMI, that's the device I'll get.

But YMMV. If you live in the US, definitely try the recommended device first.
Un1 Piano
I think the problem may be that my NVIDEA graphics card doesn't support 480i as a resolution.

Although I didn't manage to get a signal from my PC the work around I settled on is to export the video material from my computer then run it on a Sony Media Player > Portta > LZX. Once I set the output resolution on the media player to 480i it all worked perfectly.

Although Im not 100% sure the graphics card resolution was the problem it seems the most likely cause at the moment. Thanks for your input though, its all good to know.

Yes, I think you'll need a downscaler to send regular computer video signals into your video synth. I've had success with a Kramer vp501xl VGA->composite/s-video converter and a TV One-Task DVI->component/composite/s-video converter. I got super-lucky with both devices, finding them cheap on ebay, esp the latter. The TV-One DVI converters are amazing but normally very expensive. They're overkill for just feeding a computer's video into a videosynth, but as I said...I got super-lucky.

Unlike the TV One-Task, the Kramer VGA converter can easily be found cheap on ebay, and it'll also function as a test-pattern generator when there's no VGA input. So if you have a computer with VGA output, that's what I'd recommend using. An old machine with only VGA output would be perfect for this job, so long as it can play video.
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