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Monitor feed is very low (from tape out to tape in)
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Author Monitor feed is very low (from tape out to tape in)
Hi All,

I have a new mixer - an Alesis 12r.

I have connected my 'tape out' on my amp, to the 'tape in' on the Alesis.
The levels when I press 'tape' monitor are extremely low. I can hardly hear it through the headphones. I have to crank the level way high, introducing loads of noise, but the signal is just about bearable.

When I connect the 'line out' from the tape player to the 'tape in' it works just fine. The signal is loud and clear.

When I switch the headphone monitor to the line sigals coming in (i.e. not the tape) the levels are also fine.

It's not the cable (I checked it). It's not the amp (I tried swapping them).
It must be that there is some level issue/contradition of a tape out and a tape in? (i'm not technically trained on this stuff).

I'm seriously stumped. Any ideas?
Line out FROM the tape player is either the off-tape signal or the input to the tape machine (if it has an input monitor button).

Tape out from your AMP is what is being SENT to your tape machine FROM the amp - hence the output at those sockets reflects the tape selector...selection...on the amp.

So from what I can see you are putting the tape record selector of the amp INTO the desk tape monitor input - so when you select tape on the desk you will only hear what is selected to RECORD via the amp - not the tape output itself.

Does that help? Does that even make sense?
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