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5u Community Vinyl
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Author 5u Community Vinyl
Hi gang,

While this question has been asked on many a sub-forum, I wanted to hear from this fine group of folks. We poor souls addicted to large format madness! Mr. Green

In the world of synth recordings on vinyl - what are your favorites? (and yep, I am seeking recommendations!)

Only fair I start with some of mine . . and it's a funny thing, I love Neuman, Skinny Puppy, NiN, and plenty of other electronic artists, but imho they don't present the "synthesizer" this way these albums do :

Goblins' Suspiria
Klaus Shultz - Timewind
Tangerine Dream: Sorcerer, Phaedra
Vangellis - Blade Runner OST

More contemporary . .
TR/ST - Trst
Stranger Things OST
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - ears

How about you?
While is not in vinyl , check the work of Benge in Bandcamp. He has some albums that are more experimental, other more drone focus...

Also check the his album Twenty Systems. It is a collection of tracks each of them composed using only a synthesizer ( Moog Modular , Serge Modular , VCS3 , CS80... )

The last albums from Alessandro Cortini , ( Forse 1 , Forse 3 , Sonno.. ). They are all buchla I think.

From the Berlin School era I one of my favorite albums is Michael Hoenig - Departure from the Northern Wasteland

Also from the modern Berlin School one of the best is Cosmic Ground
Ah yes, Cortini! I have been meaning to check his music out.

Thanks for the Hoenig & Cosmic Ground recommendations. I love the Berlin school and while new to it's artists' pool - am excited to journey deep.

Benge definitely also what about Ian Boddy
I can't recommend any vinyl as I haven't had a turntable setup for use in many many years. But I thought I'd mention a couple favorite synth albums that use 5U (either only, mostly, or at least some) I've acquired on CD over the last 10 years or so FWIW (in no particular order):

Dave Fulton & Giles Reaves - The Range

Richard Galbraith - Polyphony

Robert Rich - Ylang

Kindred Lost - The Fly's Hour
Larry Fast.... Synergy: Cords - the clear vinyl version.

It's been on my turntable for the last month. we're not worthy
Flareless wrote:
Larry Fast.... Synergy: Cords - the clear vinyl version.
I've got the clear vinyl one also, but the jelly bean vinyl version is better! nanners (jk)
Faustgeist wrote:
Thanks for the Hoenig & Cosmic Ground recommendations. I love the Berlin school and while new to it's artists' pool - am excited to journey deep.

You can find a lot of Berlin school music in this thread .

A lot of videos and links smile
My most exciting musical discovery in a while is Craven Faults.

incredible music, unashamedly 5U with lovely sounding and well produced EPs.

Would really recommend you give him/her a go..

probably a lurker on this board,

A lot of good suggestions so far. I can't say all the following are out on vinyl but a few are. I don't own a dedicated turntable system anymore but do occasionally pipe it into the sound system. I have a large collection of old vinyl from the 70's through to the 90's and some of those are impossible to find anymore.

I like ...

Roger Powell "Air Pocket"

Seventh Wave "Things to Come"



Martin Peters
He has a wonderful collection of "live in the studio" music on YouTube. Very listenable and creative use of the large format modular with other synths.

Zon Vern Pyles!
A superb artist and sound designer. If you have a few popular keyboards then chances are there a re few of his patches shipped within them.

Red Shift
Pay special attention to the album "Faultline" (2002). I can play this endlessly on a loop.

Node (or almost everything on Ian Boddy's DiN label)

One of my favorite live recordings is with Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve (of Red Shift fame). It is called Arturus (2005). They have several collaborations as ARC and can be found on Boddy's DiN lablel.

Steve Roach is always good in the ambient/world music scene but my favorite recent release is "Skeleton Keys". It is outstanding use of large format modular with other synths. Sequencer magic galore!

Bruno Ender Lee is another staple of interesting synthesizer music.

as you can tell I have a big love for Berlin School. No shame.

An oldie which is very hard to find except on vinyl is
Dr. Patrick Gleeson's "Rainbow Delta".
This is one of my desert island albums. He made this about the time computer sequencers were really taking off. Good liner details about the gear and compositions. No samplers (they were still a bit pricey then).

Also check out Rubycon by Tangerine Dream. A big favorite from their classic early days.
Final work of Mika Vainio: blue-tb7-series?variant=1814359048210
Based on the subject title of this thread, I thought this might be another Muffwiggler contributor music project on vinyl. That happened recently, I'd love joining in on another one.
This thread has a misleading title... "community vinyl" makes it sound like this was going to be another 5U group compilation and this time on wax.

EDIT: Just noticed the post above mine lol.

At any rate, the soundtrack to I Dream Of Wires is on vinyl.
Somewhat related since it is modular based.

I wish that someone will press Redshift on vinyl. It's my favourite berlin-school music artist.

Ludowic both albums A blinding light moment and elka village are on vinyl
According to the videos he has 2 5U systems.
Sounds huge but not a berlin school

Some best from Klaus Schulze was repressed on vinyl in the last 5 years.
Steve Roach's Skeletons is very good work.
Johan Timman "Trip into the Body"

Could be a great 5u album or a kick-ass Moog album.

Ludowic's stuff is amazing! One of the best synthesis channels on youtube.
Dr Gris
I hope I don't "explode" like that playing my Liberation hihi

Not necessarily modular based music, but two synth based albums that I have that are clearly better than the CD versions are from two of my musical heroes:
Patrick O'hearn, Ancient Dreams: The track Malevolent Landscape is a slowly evolving, patience testing masterpiece that has 2 massively dynamic crescendo blasts that will throw you from your seat, Maxell style. I have the CD and it's just not the same. Play the LP on a truly good system in a darkened room, and scare yourself!
Thomas Dolby, The Flat Earth: The low end on this LP is astonishing. The intro to Dissidents is one of my LF dynamics reference tracks. Once again, the low end of the CD has been castrated. Back in the 80's, this CD was the first CD that taught me the lesson that the mastering for a CD sounds different, and that CDs are not necessarily better than vinyl. I'm not a CD hater... I love both formats. It's all in how well it's mastered.
Flareless wrote:
Larry Fast.... Synergy: Cords - the clear vinyl version.

It's been on my turntable for the last month. we're not worthy

Another owner of Synergy Cords on clear vinyl chiming in! Highly recommended!

Also great are Synergy's "Electronic Realizations For Rock Orchestra", "Sequencer" and "Audion".
Flareless wrote:
Larry Fast.... Synergy: Cords - the clear vinyl version.

It's been on my turntable for the last month. we're not worthy

Picked this up as a kid. Still in my top handful of favorite albums of all times.... (It was no coincidence that the first bit of music I created with my modular had a hidden tribute to Larry Fast and not to Tomita or Carlos).
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my current modular / 5U album, currently up on kickstarter through February. ur-life-comics-and-electroni

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