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Horrible distortion on Soundcloud!
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Author Horrible distortion on Soundcloud!
All my uploaded tracks on Soundcloud suddenly are corrupted. Even the files of different projects. They are 99% distorted. It's even hard to tell which track is which. The quality is so bad. I've been offline for three months so I have no idea that when Soundcloud started to sound totally broken.

Am I the only one with this problem?

Here's my project page

Maybe the problem could be on my computer but the files on my computer sound just fine. Also Youtube sounds just fine.

Why would just soundcloud sound like harsh vomit and everything else sounds fine? This doesn't make any sense!
Today I finally got clear sound.
From the windows 10 sounds/playback/speakers/advanced menu
I selected for
"default format"
24bit / 88.1 khz
instead of
24bit / 96khz

Though now when I switch back to 24bit / 96khz
the sound is still clear. Also the previous setting is sounds clear.

This doesn't make any sense? What could have happened?
And why didn't Youtube or the files on my computer sound like a horrible distorted mess?

Now I'm wondering should I tweak the sounds/playback/speakers/advanced/default format
each time I'm listening to a different type of wave format?

Or maybe I should just throw the K-Mix out of the window...
Or replace Windows 10 (with what)?
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