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How to get my LUFS lower than my RMS
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Author How to get my LUFS lower than my RMS
Hello everybody.

I have a question which I have not found any answer to on the whole internet. hihi
I produce progressive house.

When my mix is ready, I usually have a crest factor of 12dB. (Peak -8dB, RMS -20dB)

Now, when I go to the mastering stage, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to get the LUFS lower than the RMS.

I ALWAYS end up with these levels:

Peak -0.1dB
RMS -8.0dB
LUFS -8.0dB

The problem is that when I load professionally mastered progressive house into my DAW, I can see that when their LUFS hits -8.0dB, the RMS can sometimes be -6,0dB or even higher!

How is this possible? I would be SO thankful if somebody would like to explain this bulls**t for me. we're not worthy I have been scratching my head for so long to get these levels.

I know that my levels are enough, but I am so obsessed with this right now hihi
You have to look at how LUFS is calculated. I forget the details, but it does some cute calculations about where the floor sits compared to where the spikes sit. They're probably gaming that calculation, at a guess.
you do the mastering by yourself?
Hermetech Mastering
How does it sound?

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